Deadly Women: Sheila LaBarre sentenced to two sentences of LWOP for the murders of Michael Deloge and Kenneth Countie

Michael Deloge and Kenneth Countie

Michael Deloge, 38
Kenneth Countie, 24

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Sheila LaBarre

DOB: 07/04/1958
INMATE ID: 79895
TERM ID: 49122
BOOKED DATE: 1/1/1900
MAXED: 5/27/2107

CaseID: 98695
Offense Date: 3/31/2006
Minimum: 5/27/2107
Maximum: 5/27/2107
Mandatory: 8/27/2106
Parole Date:
Docket: 218-2006-S-02506 ROCKINGHAM SUPERIOR COURT

CaseID: 98694
Offense Date: 6/20/2008
Minimum: 5/27/2107
Maximum: 5/27/2107
Mandatory: 8/27/2106
Parole Date:
Docket: 218-2008-S-00517 ROCKINGHAM SUPERIOR COURT

One Response

  1. and she still being punished Sheila .b and I know she still trying to deny that she didn’t do what she did to the young men and I hope they show their faces and Hunter forever and ever even when she dead.

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