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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Deadly Women: Debbie Fleming shot & killed 16-year-old Jared Mazzagate to protect her 17-year-old son, Kevin Fleming

body tape

On April 17, 1996, at approximately 3:30 p.m., the 16 year old victim, J.M., was shot by appellant as J.M. and six other young men approached appellant’s house on foot.   The alleged reason for this group’s appearance in the street near appellant’s house was to “settle” a feud that had been festering for several months between J.M. (and his group of friends) and K.F., appellant’s 17 year old son (and K.F.’s group of friends).1  Although not germane to the issues before us, the act that apparently precipitated the feud was the stealing of a quantity of cocaine or LSD by friends of J.M. from K.F., who was attempting to make a sale of the contraband at the time.   Thereafter, approximately three weeks before the shooting in question, K.F. was ambushed by a friend of J.M.’s, D.H., and three other unidentified young men.   K.F. managed to run to a friend’s house nearby and escape injury.   During the chase, however, K.F. observed that D.H. was brandishing a knife.   The next day, K.F. related the incident to appellant who reported the incident to the police.

On the afternoon in question, K.F. was at home with appellant when he observed J.M.’s truck drive by the house.   The truck had “quite a few people” in it.   K.F. watched the truck park up the street.   K.F. got scared and pointed out the group to appellant, who had been asleep on the couch at the time.   K.F. then instructed appellant that if the group came to the house, “tell them I’m not here.”   K.F. then went to his room and testified that he was completely unaware of the shooting that occurred only moments later.

Debbie Ann Fleming v State of Texas 1998
WriteAPrisoner: Debbie Fleming
Another Pen Pal ad

Facing Evil: Debbie Fleming


Debbie Fleming

SID Number:03483624
TDCJ Number: 00764080
Race: W
Gender: F
DOB: 1958-10-25
Maximum Sentence Date: 2095-04-17
Projected Release Date: 2095-04-17
Parole Eligibility Date: 2026-04-17

Offense Date: 1996-04-17
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 1996-08-30
County: ORANGE
Case No.: D960222
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 99-00-00


21 Responses

  1. I never would have convicted her. She was defending her son. She deserves a medal. These thugs who came by her house were out to kill her son. This woman should be granted a pardon.

    • Me either…if she tried to get the cops to do something and they did nothing…then she whould be set free….

  2. Why convict a woman who is protectingthe life of her child. She is a hero in my eyes.

  3. I agree as the men were the thugs. And punks and hopefully that law enforcement will see this. And will re-open the case of her. Usually I would never take a defendant’s side. But I will make an exception as those punks would had killed her son!

  4. She needs to be freed this is outrageous those kids went to her house to do something bad she had every right lets get a petition to get our pres to look at this if anyone needs a pardon she does for protecting her child…

    • I just heard about this story. This is ridiculous and I can’t believe this sentence. That punk must of been the son of someone big on Orange County. They were threatening her and son at her house. I cannot believe this sentence. Definitely self defense. The Governor needs to pardon her.

    • I agree! This is ridiculous for this mother to have received 99 years when they came to her home looking for trouble.#FreeDebbie

  5. thanks everyone for your caring comments. the story that was presented on facing evil wasn’t entirely accurate, but it did show that she was protecting her son. i’m shannon fleming, kevin fleming’s wife and we are trying our hardest to get her out. she doesn’t deserve the sentence she got and yes, the person she killed was the son of a very well known pharmacist in orange. she has gotten such a huge positive response from this already and fans that are going to try and help her as well. we would love to start a petition but not sure how that would work. if any of you know how to start that, find us on facebook and inbox us. our username is kevinandshannon fleming. thank you!

    • Contact your state senator and state representative. I would also contact national media such as the New York Times. I hope she is home by Christmas.

    • Does anyone know why she wast convicted of murder instead of manslaughter? Also, why doesn’t she come up for parole? Why do the judges keep denying her appeals?

  6. I just watched the episode of this story and google it right after, I cant even believe this story it brought me to tears anybody would have done what she did to protect her son anybody who has kids can understand the love you have for them and how you would do anything to protect them. This judge must be a complete idiot to send someone to prision for shooting someone who tried to stab her son!!!! And does anybody mention that this group was definatly in the wrong for what they did? This made me so angry and I dont even know this family i am all the way in iowa. I will pray for this family and i hope debbie is set free before 99 years this is not right.

  7. I have a teenage son and if some thugs were bullying him and I have went to the cops for help and they still continue…then have the audacity to show up at my home (6 young men) I would do what I need to do to protect my son and I…Its very tragic that 1 of the young men died and my heart goes out to his family…they could have gave her a smaller sentence the max being no more than 10 years…she should be home with her son not sitting in prison for 99 years.

  8. She shouldn’t be on Facing Evil. Nor Deadly women. This woman does NOT fit in this category what so ever. She was protecting her son. There is a reason why “Stand your ground” law exist today. Because to many murders were going on, in peoples own homes and yards.The kid/kids should have never been there. They were 16-17 years old. They KNEW better. She is guilty of not calling 9-11. But I would have done the same thing. These kids are dangerous in groups like this that are causing trouble. And she should not be sitting in prison for 99 years for protecting her property and most of all, her son.
    This is a miscarriage of justice at its’ best. I am in turn glad it was aired on these shows. To bring attention to this case. I am sorry for the family who lost their son. But they should have been aware of the trouble he has been causing and what he was up to.

  9. i cant belive our government Zimmerman follows and kills a teen for no reason and is set free yet these teen come to her house which can easly overpower her and her son and gets 99 years for protecting her family on her own property she had the gun in plain vision and that didnt stop them from them to keep approching her they provocted there own death this is b.s its a shame this family is going thru this am so discusted myprayers go out foru debbie the ones who need to B in jail are those asshole who put her in that spot

  10. second time i have seen this show air its on the id discovery channel she is sitting here telling her story to candace delong, and i believe this mother was only protecting both her child and herself she sacrificed her life for her child i cant imagine looking out a window and watching 7 people show up and come forward towards my house and laughing after fair warning! they saw this woman had a gun she warned them to go, yet they kept coming ! omg! this woman needs to be free i cant be one of only a few other posters who feel this way. something can be done petitions have been created and won when the majority rules!

  11. Debbie should have never been given 99 years! I do feel sorry for the parents whose son was shot,but those boys had no right to show up at her and her sons home.She protected her son like any mother would do.She has served enough time she should be set free.

  12. The most she should have been convicted of was manslaughter! NOT murder? Was the jury even given that option? Why doesn’t she come up for parole, and why does the appeals court deny her request for a new trial? Has anyone ever heard from the jurors, about their decision, or from the DA in the case? Why did they charge her with murder instead of manslaughter? Has anyone heard?

  13. Just seen this episode of facing evil on I.d. here in the u.k.This woman is not evil. Some of the sentences given out in u.s.a. are a mystery to me.The other day I watched a programme on I.d. and the person was given life without parole and then at the end it was stated that after 8 years she was given parole for good behaviour! Ms.Fleming should NOT still be in prison.

  14. Omg…..I would have done the same. Corrupt police judges etc…Just hope the rest of the bully morons realise the consequences of their actions..prob have kids now and realise the protection of your kids that you feel

  15. This sentence is outrageous ! I cried for this poor lady serving this inhuman sentence! Why can’t some top lawyer take up her case! Their must be good grounds for an appeal! The verdict should of been manslaughter at the most with maybe a 3-4 year sentence! Unbelievable justice!!

  16. Very sad story. No way did she deserve the sentence she got. Blame should be put on America for making guns so easy to access. She was protecting herself and her son. Bare in mind they went onto her property. Unfortunate a boy died, but she was protecting herself and her son.

    I shudder to think what would have happened if she didn’t shoot that boy. She deserves to go to prison but not the sentence she got. Someone should fight her corner and not allow her to rot in jail. Shame on America.

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