Merlin Santana murder 11/9/2002 Crenshaw, CA *Damien Andre Gates, Brandon Douglas Bynes and Monique King all convicted of his murder, sentenced to prison*

Merlin Santana in Steve Harvey.
Merlin Santana

Find-A-Grave: Merlin Santana
IMDb: Merlin Santana
The life of Merlin Santana
Man Sentenced For Merlin Santana’s Murder
Police: Teenage girl charged with murder in shooting death of actor
Final Defendant in Santana Murder
Case Convicted of Murder

Teenager convicted in actor’s death
Wikipedia: Merlin Santana

Final Cut: Cost of Fame

Damien Andre Gates – convicted, sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences plus 70 years
Brandon Douglas Bynes – pled guilty, sentenced to 23 years in prison
Monique King – convicted as a juvenile, spent 8 years in juvenile facility (she falsely claimed the victim raped her)


CDCR#: V32133
Age: 30
Admission Date: 04/14/2004
Current Location: Centinela
2302 Brown Road
Imperial, CA 92251
(760) 337-7900


CDCR#: V32168
Age: 33
Admission Date: 04/15/2004
Current Location: SATF-CSP
900 Quebec Avenue
Corcoran, CA 93212
(559) 992-7100

2 Responses

  1. Rest in Peace, Mr. Merlin Santana

  2. Even if someone did hit on her, that was no reason to take someone’s life. This up & coming generation of today will kill someone for the stupidest reasons. They can see a person they have issues with in a crowd & will shoot everybody in the crowd except the person they were aiming for. They do drive by shootings like going thru a fast food eatery. What the hell is wrong with these kids today? In our generation, yes, we had fights; but we lived & went on with our lives. We fought with our hands, fair & square until we learned how to instead fight with our minds. This generation glorifies drugs, gangs, money & the lifestyle that goes with it. Yet they seem to forget how that lifestyle ends. It is not cool, it is not what’s up or what’s in. It is just plain ignorance and stupidity. Prison or a grave are your choices for this lifestyle. Please tell me what is so glorious about that? Wake up, open your eyes & your minds to something worthwhile, to something worth fighting for. Here you are having turf wars when not one of you has a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, let alone owning a block or a neighborhood. When have you purchased a street? How many of own a home? And I didn’t say a house, I said a home. How many of you have a checking or savings account? How many can read a book from beginning to end? How many can fill out & complete a job application on your own? How many even want a real job? What do you want for the rest of your life? What are you teaching your children? What kind of examples are you setting for the younger generation that comes after you? What do you want to be when you grow up?

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