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  1. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for a 79 year old man who gets hooked up with a 40 year old woman. What would you expect her to want from you except your money?

    • Edward,

      Please remember that my blog focused on the VICTIM, which is Justyn. Teresa was a predator and went after him solely for his money. Please do not blame the victim.

      You may want to read my comment policy, as your comment comes dangerously close to violating it. If you cannot focus positively on the victim, please don’t comment. His family and loved ones need to be respected.

  2. What did she expect! She knew what she was getting into-she knew he was married; she should have rode the “E” ticket ride as long as she could and then cut her losses; then moved on. Hello! he was 29 years old than her; you can’t blame him. She was hot; be real!

  3. Note from the blog owner
    Please read my comment policy before commenting. Also, please remember the victim, not the killer. I will NOT approve any comments that are negative to the victim. Period.

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