Serial Killer: John Edward Robinson *The Slavemaster* Convicted of killing 8 women, sentenced to death

Paula Godfrey, 19 [9/1/1984]
Lisa Stasi, 19 [1/10/1985]
Tiffany Stasi, 4 months [was given to Robinson’s brother]
Catherine Frances Clampitt, 27 [6/15/1987]
Beverly Bonner, 49 [1/1994]
Sheila Dale Faith, 45 [1994]
Debbie Lynn Faith, 15 [1994]
Izabela Lewicka, 21 [1999]
Suzette Trouten, 28 [6/7/2000]

The Doe Network: Paula Godfrey
Find-A-Grave: Paula Godfrey
The Doe Network: Lisa Stasi
Find-A-Grave: Lisa Elledge Stasi
The Doe Network: Catherine Clampitt
Find-A-Grave: Catherine F. Clampitt
Find-A-Grave: Beverly Bonner
Find-A-Grave: Sheila Dale Howell Faith
Find-A-Grave: Debbie Lynn Faith
Find-A-Grave: Izabela Lewicka
Find-A-Grave: Suzette M. Trouten
Paternity of victim’s daughter confirmed
Grandmother meets her slain daughter’s child>
2 more missing women linked to suspect in serial killings
Letter found purportedly written by missing woman
Serial murderer admits to killing 5 more women
Defense, prosecution rest in trial of accused Kansas serial killer
Jurors recommend death
Death penalty affirmed for Robinson
Murderpedia: John Edward Robinson
Wikipedia: John Edward Robinson
Slavemaster John Edward Robinson
Profile of John Edward Robison
Serial Killer John Edward Robinson’s Victims List
Woman Wins Lawsuit to Halt Profit Sought by Man Who Killed Her Mother
Woman Opens Up About Being Raised In The Shadow Of The Serial Killer Who Murdered Her Mother
For 15 years he was just Uncle John, until she learned he was a serial killer who had murdered her mother

Anyone You Want Me to Be: A True Story of Sex and Death on the Internet
Internet Slave Master

Sins & Secret: Kansas City
Blood, Lies & Alibis: The Slave Master
Cold Case Files: Sex, Lies & Murder
20/20: Sole Survivor


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  1. Cold Case File Season 4 Episode 11
    Sex, Lies & Murder


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