This Day In Crime History: *The Turner Mansion Murder* Juliette Turner murdered 1963; James Lee Marion convicted

Juliette Turner

Information on this tragedy is hard to find. I know that James Lee Marion was convicted, sentenced to death, and became a minister while in prison. If I understand it correctly, one of his appeals overturned his death sentenced. I believe he was sentenced to life and then got out on parole. There is a book coming out about this murder. The Facebook page will have the information. (first link)

Facebook: The Turner Mansion Murder Midland, TX (there are better photos here)
Millionaire’s Wife Beaten To Death
Prowler Kills Wealthy Texas Woman
Wife of Texas Millionaire Is Murdered
Ex-Convict Admits Killing Texas Millionaire’s Wife
Cook Charged With Slaying Tycoon’s Wife
Trial in Turner Murder Order Moved by Judge
‘Death Row’ man to become minister
James Le Marion v State of Texas 1964
James Lee Marion v Grady Harrist 1966
James Lee Marion v. Dr. George Beto, TX 1971 Department of Corrections (partially reversed)

James Lee Marion

3 Responses

  1. I imagine this was a pretty racially divisive case back in 1960s Texas…

  2. I grew up in Midland. I remember going to the Turner Mansion/Museum of the Southwest when I was young. There was something creepy about that place. Now I vaguely remember my parents talking about this case.

  3. When the house was first turned into a Museum not all the rooms were utilized. There was one room upstairs that was used for school field trips. A friend and I wandered off from the group and found Mrs. Turner’s bedroom. It still had the blood splatter on the wall. The officials of the museum were not happy with us !

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