Monsters Among Us: David Webb-Kim convicted of raping and killing 9-year-old Amanda Leigh Gaeke

Body of Girl, 9, Found in North Park Canyon
Missing Girl’s Body Found
San Diego’s dark history of child abductions
Six Months Later, Memories but No Clues to Amanda
Amanda Gaeke 9, drugged, raped and murdered
Victims’ kin know anguish of plea deals

Unusual Suspects: A Bike Ride To Murder


CDCR#: K44518
Age: 39
Admission Date: 03/28/1997
475-750 Rice Canyon Rd.
Susanville, CA 96127
(530) 251-5100


10 Responses

  1. People who victimize children should be put to death ! PERIOD

  2. Kim? Aw come on, man. We finally get an Asian on the news and he’s a murderer. >.< but wait is she 5 or 9 make up your mind

  3. He was given a gift with life without parole. For what he did to that precious little child he deserves nothing less than the death penalty

  4. I just watched the absolutely horrific story of this precious 10 year old, Amanda, and I was shocked to the core to see what David Webb, at 16 years old, did to her. He is indeed a psychopathic monster and I am amazed that he has not been killed by fellow inmates. He showed no remorse at all when he was being questioned or prosecuted. For a crime this heinous, I wish there was a special sentence involving severe torture! 3 “hots and a cot” as they call it is just a walk in the park for this beast.

  5. My god just watched unusual suspects…how horrific..cut his penis & testicles off! Let him bleed to death arsehole..why should anyone have to contribute hard earned taxes to keep him alive!

  6. He’s now 39 & at the High Desert State Prison

    WEBB, DAVID ALAN K44518 39 03/28/1997

  7. Thank god they got the monster off the street early…..but I am still in disbelief that a child can be kept under a bed as he went about his daily school attendances and his parents not know

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