10 Responses

  1. People who victimize children should be put to death ! PERIOD

  2. Kim? Aw come on, man. We finally get an Asian on the news and he’s a murderer. >.< but wait is she 5 or 9 make up your mind

  3. He was given a gift with life without parole. For what he did to that precious little child he deserves nothing less than the death penalty

  4. I just watched the absolutely horrific story of this precious 10 year old, Amanda, and I was shocked to the core to see what David Webb, at 16 years old, did to her. He is indeed a psychopathic monster and I am amazed that he has not been killed by fellow inmates. He showed no remorse at all when he was being questioned or prosecuted. For a crime this heinous, I wish there was a special sentence involving severe torture! 3 “hots and a cot” as they call it is just a walk in the park for this beast.

  5. My god just watched unusual suspects…how horrific..cut his penis & testicles off! Let him bleed to death arsehole..why should anyone have to contribute hard earned taxes to keep him alive!

  6. He’s now 39 & at the High Desert State Prison http://inmatelocator.cdcr.ca.gov/

    WEBB, DAVID ALAN K44518 39 03/28/1997


  7. Thank god they got the monster off the street early…..but I am still in disbelief that a child can be kept under a bed as he went about his daily school attendances and his parents not know

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