Grand View Lounge-Kwik-Way Massacre 5/17/1986 Colorado Springs, CO *Suspect, Gilbert Eugenio Archibeque, killed himself when police came to arrest him*

Joanne McNamara, 46 [Grand View Lounge]
Debbie Green, 29 [Grand View Lounge]
James Ruepke, 52 [Grand View Lounge]
Sandra Howard, 22 [Kwik-Way store]
Elaine Sandeldecker, 19 [Kwik-Way store]

Five murdered in Colorado shooting spree
Murder suspect kills himself when police call
Suspect in slayings commits suicide
Murder suspect commits suicide
Murderpedia: Gilbert Eugenio Archibeque

The Copycat Effect: How the Media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines

Homicide Hunter: Last Call For Murder

Gilbert Eugenio Archibeque

3 Responses

  1. This is incredible. It’s almost as if history repeats itself. We had this murder yesterday, October 17, 2012, in Denver, Colorado where 5 people were murdered and then the tavern set on fire; and then we find out, from Bonnie’s Blog of Crime, that almost the same thing happened back in 1986, when in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 5 people were murdered and another tavern set on fire. It’s downright eerie.

  2. This was hell. Detective Joe Kenda is amazing. Now someone mentions a eerily similar event. Excellent reading. Very evil.

  3. Watching Lt. Kenda’s show right now and he’s about to close in on Archibeck the monster. LOVE that Kenda!

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