• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Psycho For Love: Amy Herrera charged with the murder of her husband, Major Marc Herrera, whose murder was made to look like a suicide

Major Marc Herrera

Something interesting: Amy Herrera’s first husband, Tejay Collins, died of a suicide in June of 2009. However, his family says he was not suicidal. I wonder if they are going to reopen that case. Another interesting note is that both men were extremely drunk on the night of their deaths. Mr. Collins “hung” himself. I am very weary of this, as I don’t think someone with a BAL of .21 would be able to do this. Yes, I could be wrong, but it is my opinion.

Woman tied to 2 husbands, 2 suicides
Air Force major’s death a homicide
Wife Of Slain Air Force Officer Charged In N.M.
Wife killed husband during foreign-exchange student party
Wife’s arrest in murder shocks neighbors
Wife arrested for man’s death at UNM foreign students party
Murder charges dropped for man’s wife
Woman charged again for husband’s murder
Wife re-indicted for man’s death at Albuquerque party
Air Force major’s widow back in court in bizarre death case
Amy HERRERA, Petitioner, v. Hon. Ross C. SANCHEZ, Second Judicial District Judge, Respondent, State of New Mexico, Real Party in Interest. 2014
Air Force officer’s family ‘ecstatic’ after judge rules wife will stand trial for murder
Amy Herrera to stand trial for 2nd-degree murder, manslaughter
Prosecutors try for third time in major’s shooting death

Amy Herrera

Please read my comment policy before commenting. Remember, no using ALL CAPS, talking negative about the victim, or using anonymous names – like “anonymous” or “no one”, etc. Have respect for me and my readers. And remember, the victim should always be the focus. Do not forget the victim.


57 Responses

  1. As a personal friend of Tejay I know he wasn’t suicidal. I also don’t think he could have hung himself while that drunk. If they don’t re -open his case I will be disappointed. — sad in Kansas.

    • Meagan,

      I believe that Tejay was too drunk to hang himself. I just don’t think someone with that BAL could coordinate things to do it. I do hope they reopen the case.

      I am very sorry for your loss. Take care. Bonnie

  2. I am Marc’s Aunt and Marc was NOT suicidal either. My heart hurts for Tejay’s family but hopefully an investigation will open for his death as it has for Marc’s. I hope Amy gets what she so richly deserves – the death penalty or life in prison with no chance of parole. Marc was such a sweet, caring and happy young man and my heart aches that he died this way,

    • There is a pain that we feel that not many people can understand. I went through college with Amy and tejay, spent nights at their apartment the godmother of my children lived with Amy for years we were all extremely integrated into each others lives. I cannot wrap my head around the facts that have come to light recently. I feel horrid sadness for you and your loved ones but I am grateful that this could possibly lead to some closure. For my husband it was like loosing a brother, from pre school thru college and then to have a black widow come between them forever is hard to comprehend. I would very much like to maintain communication with you and be kept up to date on developments and then just to talk when things get bad. I would welcome a friend in this strange world.

      • Meagan – I would be happy to keep you in the loop. Are you on Facebook? I keep every news story, blog (including this one) and anything I can find updated on my FB page – If you would like to be a friend on Facebook, let me know and I will send you my name. I have listed many news stories, many of which Bonnie has here, and others.

        Marc has so many friends and my oldest daughter is only 6 months younger than Marc and they grew up together playing Barbies, holidays, family gatherings, playing games, hanging out and things like that. Sometimes I feel physically ill thinking of the horrible things she has done to the friends and families of both of these young men, yet she seems to continue on her merry way with no consequences. I hope that changes and that she can never kill another young man and put another family and friends through the grief and heartache that she has caused.

        I keep in touch with the wives of Marc’s friends and every single one of them tell me what a great friend and person he was. I already knew that as he has been a part of our lives since his birth.

  3. Thank you! You can keep up with her case here:
    Case # is CR1980512, dob 03011980 and of course, her name. She has a One Million Dollar bond and she has bonded out with a $100,000.00 property bond which I presume had to be someone other than her. Both of Marc’s homes were in HIS name only.

    • I am on facebook under the name Meagan Grieve, my address is Russell Kansas please feel free to add me anytime. I’m almost 100 percent sure that her parents posted bond with land/property that they have here in kansas. they are the only people that i can think of that would help her at this point.

      • I will send you a friend request. We have grandkids in Topeka and just drove through Russell on the way home from visiting on Sunday. We stopped to eat at the A & W in Russell! If I would have known before, I would have called and said Hello!

  4. I can’t find you……..I sent a message to someone with your name but there was no other information and I found one in Fort Hays, KS. Try sending me one Nancy Wyman in Pine, CO.

    • I tried to look you up too! i couldn’t find you! maybe you can find me through my college, NCKTC in Hays. if not then you can e mail me directly at i get my e mail straight to my cell phone.
      I have a feeling that Amy’s parents put up their land here in Kansas as bond. 100,000 is only 10 percent of her actual bail, it’s a million dollars but they only had to front 10 percent.

      • I sent you an email Meagan – in case it goes to your Spam folder.

        • GREAT NEWS! The Grand Jury took a FULL 4 minutes to indict Amy on Open Murder and carries a sentence of 30 years to life!!!!! Next step is her arraignment where they advise her of the charges and she enters a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and then maybe APD can look into Tejay’s case!

  5. Nancy, I did not know this, this is great news! Tejay’s family deserves justice too and I hope that they can reopen that case and charge her with his murder as well!

    • Hi Staci – I’m glad you found this place! I did want to add that Open Murder means “deliberate and with intent.” Oh and carries a sentence of 30 years to life!!!

  6. My friend is going out with amy. im serous. i already warmed him. shes manipulating his mind!!!

    • Does he know that when she tires of him, she will kill him? Does he know her black widow history? She is a sociopath – read the book, The Sociopath Next Door – you will see what I mean.

      • Tell your friend to run away as fast as he can! I cannot stress it enough. I. Wont be today, tomorrow, or even next yeah but as soon as she thinks people have forgotten…. she WILL strike again.

  7. Funny how you all think you knew these guys years after they left their hometowns. You don’t realize how much they changed. The military made one a monster for sure and now you want to use the slimmest of threads to tie them both together? Shameful. It does make for a sensational story though.

    • “slimmest” of threads? Worm is a good name for you and your friend.

      • Yeah, Norm, the slimmest. The first did himself in well after they broke up and when the monster was denied his prestigious military promotion and they moved back to abq, he abused her and ended up melting down so thoroughly, he then tried to take her with him. You don’t know the whole story. It’s obvious you’ve been watching way too much reality tv and reading books like, “The Sociopath Next Door.”

        • Worm,

          Please read my comment policy. If you are talking about the victim when referring to one as “the monster”, then you have violated my comment policy. Do not talk negatively about the victim for any reason. Period. The focus of my blog is the victim and remembering the victim. Here, Amy is NOT the victim in any way.

  8. Have you heard anything else about his case?

  9. You are forgetting that she changed her story and said she did it. Then she stole all of his belongings that were left to HIS parents through his will – stole them! She is set to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars through his death – but not if she is convicted of murdering him. It’s not hard for me to see what the truth is. She has lied from day one and changed her story time and time again. Why would anyone believe her?

    • Do you have to be so dramatic, Norm? Stole his belongings? She left everything that was worth anything: the house, the cars, motorcycle, the pooltable… Yes, he was all about his toys. Does his family really need every dish and butter knife that was in the house too? That’s pretty much what they’re saying and I’m sure having all of that is not going to bring him back. Men who are that abusive don’t deserve much, Norm… Neither do their families.

      • Why did she leave it all behind? Because she thought she might be going to jail? Had it been so easy to kill an abusive husband, I too would be a widow. But nooooo, I was too afraid of going to prison the rest of my life. How naive I was!

      • The fact of the matter is that those belongings were not hers to take – period. You have the abusive party wrong – it was NOT Marc that was abusive.

  10. i love how you don’t put any of my post on God forbid someone tells you the truth. you are like a high schooler that just wants to hear what you want. sorry

  11. I really don’t understand what gives anyone the right to speculate what goes on behind closed doors. None of us were there for either circumstance, none of us lived in their heads so who are we to judge???

    No one on this blog is a God so no one has earned any rights to condemn.

    And FYI – giving out personal information is stalking and is punishable as well.

    • If that information is public record, and the actions taken are not criminal in nature or done with intent to harm, then it is not stalking (this is not the legal definition, but my interpretation). And by your statements, then no one who kills in their home should be prosecuted. Not very rational is it?

      Please do not bring God or religion into this. Not everyone who reads my blog believes in God or religion and that is unfair to them. Keep it civil and rational.

  12. She is still working her way up at UNM. She bedazzles men AND women. She has told everyone who will listen that he shot himself and she was suckered into telling the police she had done it. The DA is dropping the charges because she has told them she is such an upstanding piece of work.

    • The DA would not drop the charges for the reason you say. It would have to be a concrete reason. But, not to worry, as I am waiting for the DA’s office to call me back about this.

  13. She seems so nice in person. I can’t see her doing such a thing. Maybe there is more to the story we all don’t know.

  14. Someone said she is dating a state cop.

  15. She is getting a ton of money from all this is it she

  16. She was kissing a cop at her work this week. Just had to share that cause I don’t think that is the guy she always talks about.

  17. Have there been any updates regarding the charges against Amy lately?

  18. YES – she will stand trial!

  19. What is going on with this case

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