Update: Dale Stark murder *Shellye Stark convicted of his murder again*

Dale Stark

News Archive: Dale Stark murder
Jury Finds Shellye Stark Guilty Of Murder
Second jury convicts Stark of murder
2nd jury convicts Spokane woman in husband’s death
Woman found guilty of killing husband for second time

             Shellye Stark “NikitaJennifer”                     Brian Moore

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  1. You do NOT know the entire truth….leave the family alone!!!!


    • I have to assume you mean to leave Shellye and Brian alone, but they are the ones that planned and carried out a murder, not me. And yes, I already posted an update to this from the newest developments. I have to assume that you are okay with they harassing other people, including myself, huh? And yes, they did. Shellye was sentenced to 25 years in prison, making her eligible for parole when she is 71 years old. Brian Moore pled guilty today. So, no reason to defend them. They are BOTH convicted in this murder scheme. Does not make them nice people or the best citizens. If you come here to defend them, don’t. I am sure there is a place to defend killers, but not here.

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  2. @ Lee Martin – by the “entire truth”, do mean that Christopher and Dale Johnson and the rest of the in-bred clan KNEW that Shellye was going to kill Dale? Yes, Christopher knew his mother was going to murder his father before she did it. No doubt about it. At least Brian had the balls to admit it.


  3. Unfortunately Brian did not admit to anything..he took an alford plea which means he is not admitting guilt but taking a deal based on the likelihood of conviction at trial. At this point anyone who wants to say there’s more to this than people know and still proclaim their innocence, needs to get a reality check and stop drinking from the funky Brian Moore kool-aid because it is TAINTED. Shellye’s family needs to realize THEY WERE CONNED…just like anyone else who has had the misfortune of crossing paths with Brian Moore. He posted so much crap about people online and swore that the truth would come out at trial and everyone would be seen for the evil people they are for going after innocent people. Well guess what..the evil people were exposed but it wasn’t who Brian was pointing fingers at..it was him & Shellye. They are murderers..plain and simple and to argue it would be futile since it is now simply fact and not conjecture…they are convicted murderers. End of story.

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  4. This woman should have stayed in California and applied for a job in Hollywood because she surely did put in a near Emmy winning performance at her trial. Rarely will I ever believe a person is innocent after shooting their spouse in the back, in their sleep or any way where it is clear the shooter was being attached. This woman went there with one thing in mind: to kill her estranged spouse for the insurance money. And the claim he forced her to prostitute tells a complete story of a woman riding in the devil’s back for years. She said she was afraid his threats of exposing her secret life to her family and their kids. Can you believe that. A secret if that magnitude is never gonna stay buried anyway. Sooner or later it’s going to surface. She couldn’t be that stupid to think otherwise. She is the kind of murderer we see a lot of in “snapped”. One who carefully plans their crime in a way only their side of the story will ever be heard. One who thinks csi investigators would never be able to see through their smoke screen. However., their planning does seem to do them some good. It always seem to put just enough doubt in the state’s mind of a clean conviction that they’d offer a plea deal or enough doubt in the jury’s mind. Basically it glues the floor of the gallows shut for them.


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