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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Monsters Among Us: Gene McCurdy suffocated 8-year-old Maria Joanna Piceno to death; Sentenced to death

Maria Joanna Piceno

Find-A-Grave: Maria Joanna Piceno
Girl’s Slaying Shocks Central Valley Town
Girl, 8, Was Suffocated, Coroner Says / Parallels drawn between her death and another girl’s
Navy Man Held in Girl’s Slaying / Officer being flown to Kings County from ship in Japan
Innocent plea made in murder of girl, 8
Judge Refuses to Lift Gag Order in Kidnap, Murder Case
Death Penalty Sought Against Sailor
Death penalty sought in murder case
Maria Piceno (3rd one down)
TV Show Featuring 1995 Lemoore Murder Will Air Sunday
Facebook: Vanished In Broad Daylight
Vanished in Broad Daylight

Vanished Broad in Daylight: Children are the Future Never Forget

Unusual Suspects: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing


CDCR#: K50300
Age: 52
Admission Date: 04/5/1997
Current Location: SAN QUENTIN


34 Responses

  1. Pray tell, why is Gene McCurdy still alive? Why do we continue to support scum here and abroad with millions and billions of dollars, when our own military is reduced to applying for food stamps.

    • Exactly my thoughts. Isn’t 15 years long enough to let him live after killing little Maria (not to mention the constant rape of his sister when they were growing up)?

    • He is alive because our system is horribly BROKEN! Somehow protecting his rights as a convicted monster has become more important than the rights f the innocent child he tortured and killed! That is a pathetic statement of the world we live in. To further disgust me is the fact that WE, as taxpayers, pa to protect him from the general population. He is in protective custody and we pay more for that because the other inmates will kill him and that is a violation of his rights! Is that just the most appalling thing!!the monsters are better protected than our children, how did it get so screwed up?

    • I can’t believe this slime is still alive! Why isn’t he DEAD yet!!!????

      • are country is fuckd up he dnt deserves 3meals a day or a bed to sleep on or takes showers nothin killllllllllllll him!!!!!!!!

    • I am from Panama. In my country he would not have had a chance to live for the next 24 hours after comminting such henious crime….whats more, to an inocent little angel
      I hope that the inmates in prison are taking good care of him.

      • I hope so too! 😉

      • I saw the story on ID last night, unbelievable. I can’t begin to understand motives for this. She was a sweet little girl with her whole life ahead of her. McCurdy sickens me. It’s too bad the lady that heard the screams didn’t call the cops.

        • @Karen: I first saw this story on ID Discovery a gew months ago. I cried my eyes out while watching this. I remember going to the store as a kid for my own mother. To think that going to.the corner storw is now so unsafe is so disturbing. I felt so sorry for the family of this precious little girl. I will keep them in my prayers. As for the monster who committed this henious crime, he should be tossed off the navy ship he once served on!! He is a despicable sub-human who has forfeited his life to live amongst decent law abiding human beings.

    • Just a few question’s.

      Can anyone tell me why GENE McCURDY (convicted pedophile & child murderer) is still alive ?
      Wasn’t it enough that he repeatedly raped his own sister?
      Why are we the public still having to pay for his food, accommodation, TV, clean clothes and linen?
      Plus, why is he in protective custody? Poor little Maria, an 8 year old innocent child, had no one to protect her!

      • Chook,

        I can somewhat answer your first question. No one on California’s death row has been executed in a while, including many who have been on death row longer than McCurdy. Look, Richard Ramirez died on death row rather than being executed and he was convicted in the 1980’s. It is horrible, but true. Hopefully they get moving along so that justice can occur for so many families.

  2. Poor child.I just watched the case on the ID channel.People are so crazy and have no heart.

  3. This Man should’ve been hung the day he was sentenced! He doesn’t deserve the gift of life!!!!!!!!!!!!! This really really upsets me!

  4. motherfucker deserves to die, when will the justice system understand pedophiles cannot be cured!!! They are released at the expense of young children.

    • I agree!!! With all comments!
      If we would just kill all the bastards that prey on children then this country would have more money( since that’s what they complain about). Plus us as tax payers would not have to pay extra for their sorry asses! PC. Really??? He should be in main stream population! If “WE” won’t kill them then let their peers kill them for us! Why not??? I think all of us could run this F—– up country better than any crapy polaitition.
      I could go on and on, but I won’t. LOL

  5. Kill this bastard!!

  6. What I think is that they should put that animal in general population v& let them rape him cut is junk off & hand it to him then put boots to him I live in lemoore & in the LVFD & I was part of the search party my daughter was born 2 month later & I just fell apart thinking about little mirra pasaino

  7. I watched this episode on ID Discovery and I am disgusted all over again. Why is this monster still breathing the same air that I breathe? They should toss him off the Navy boat and let the sharks take care of him IMO! My second daughter was born the same year that Maria was born, and when I see her today, graduating from graduate school, I think that Maria was denied that chance by this POS scumbag! Immediate execution to individuals who murder children. I cannot imagine the pain, horror and terror Maria felt when she realized that she would never go home again! I cry for the family. RIP Maria.

    • Very sad:( and it hurts me more that a neighbor heard her crying and didn’t report it!!!!! It maybe could have helped her…? He is disgusting, and has lived 2x as long/old as she was when he killed her! How is that right!?! should have been put away years ago while molesting his sister! Who knows who else he’s probably hurt along the way too!? and homemade porn and hard core tapes of children being abused…NO help for this waste of a man!!!! He needs to go!

  8. The story of Maria Piceno has finally been told by the detectives that solved the kidnapping-murder. “Vanished In Broad Daylight”

  9. The story of Maria Piceno has finally been told by the detectives that solved the kidnapping-murder. “Vanished In Broad Daylight” Go to

  10. Vanished In Broad Daylight has finally been written. A graphic account by the detectives left standing. Your in for a can’t-put-it-down true-crime story. Go to

  11. Just watched this story on ID Discovery. They need to put this devil in general population and let a panel of “his peers” deal with him. Poor little Maria. God bless her.

  12. I used to work in at a hospital in the surgery department. We had a young girl from a 3rd world country who came to us because she needed some very serious surgeries to repair the damage that had been done to her from the savage rape she had endured in her home country. I had only been working in surgery for a couple of months and after her case, I went home and called my mom and cried and told her I wanted to quit my job because I just couldn’t handle seeing little girls having to go through that! I stopped at the hospital gift shop and bought her a little stuffed animal and took it to her room after her surgery and it broke my heart even more! This little angel, even with the pain that I knew she had to be in, she was so upbeat with a constant smile on her face and she was so appreciative and grateful to be here in the States having people to take care of and feeling “safe”! She didn’t speak any English. My mom said that it takes one person to make a difference in someone’s life and someday I may be the one person to make that difference so I may be depriving someone if I quit my job. So I stayed, and we did many more mission surgeries, and while it broke my heart (not all of them were because of children being abused, thank God) but I felt great being able to be a part of something so wonderful! My point of this comment is, the vicious, cold-hearted rapist bastard of this little girl, was murdered by her family right after he hurt this precious little angel and the family members were within their rights in this 3rd world country to do so! Most people see 3rd world countries as being backwards, but I have to say in this situation, I believe they got it 100% right! Very accurate! If you harm a child, that child’s family should be allowed to avenge that child! Because if you wait on the legal system, it either takes 15-25 years or even in some instances, nothing ever happens to the pieces of shit! So let the family seek the justice! I’m not usually for people being vigilantes but when it comes to innocent children being hurt, the rules are completely different! I took care of that precious little angel from the 3rd world country at least 12 years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her! She has forever left her mark on my heart! Sometimes I still cry when I think about her! That man brutalized her and ruined certain parts of her for the rest of her life! He changed her life forever! He took so much from her! And yet, every time I saw her, she was always so upbeat and cheerful and always had a smile on her face! She just seemed like such a sweet and loving little girl! I still remember her name! I wish I could see her again. She returned back to her home once she was recovered from her surgery. I can’t believe what an impact this one little girl had on my life!! I will always remember her and continue to pray for her every day and have a place for her in my heart!! I hope God is watching over her! And I sincerely hope that we soon are able to figure out a way to keep this evil bastards away from all of our children for good and always keep our children safe!!! Sorry for ranting!

    • What a wonderful gift you exchanged. You gave her peace and hope. She gave you a purpose. Don’t be sorry for ranting, your story was chilling yet very uplifting.

  13. I just saw this case and want to express how useless justice is. The more developed is a country the more laws defend the criminals. I hate this man is still alive and people have to pay taxes to maintain this human scourge!!!! this is crap!

  14. The death penalty is to humane for maggots like him! God I wish the victims families could take care of the slime !

  15. i feel u i just watch that episode his a sick fuck kill his ass

  16. I hope by know this man has been exicuted. The government has all this money to provide attorneys and housing for these weidos and our young military cant afford housing and food. I have several family and friends in active service and they get welfare, wic and food stamps. Housing on base is limited and most families hace to stay behind with parents and grandparents or renting with other families off base. OUR COUNTRY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THE LITTLE MONEY WE PAY FOR THESE SERVICEMEN. THEN WE SEND BILLIONS TO REBUILD FOREIGN CITIES WHEN WE ARE NOT TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN FIRST. AND THESE PEOPLE HATE US. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!!

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