Serial Killer: Steven Brian Pennell *The Corridor Killer* and *I-40 Killer*

Shirley A. Ellis, 23 [Nov. 1987]
Catherine A. DiMauro, 32 [June 1988]
Michele A. Gordon, 22 [Sept. 1988]
Kathleen Anne Meyer, 26 [Sept. 1988]
Margaret Lynn Finner, 27 [August 1988]

Del. Man Is Indicted In 3 Deaths Slayings Linked To Serial Killer
Del. Serial Murder Trial Opens Today
Serial Murder Jurors See Videotape Of Body
Scientist Says Dna Test Links Stains In Van To Blood Of Slain Del. Woman
In Del. Trial, Defendant’s Wife Testifies
Man convicted in 2 murders
Man could get death for torture-killings
Steven Pennell v. State of Delaware 1989
Steven Pennell v. State of Delaware 1991
Murderpedia: Steven Brian Pennell
Wikipedia: Steven Brian Pennell
Delaware Carries Out First Execution Since ’46
Serial Killer dies

Arrest & Trial: The Corridor Killer
Very Bad Men: Corridor Killer

Steven Brian Pennell

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