Update: Micaela “Mickey” Costanzo murder *Kody Cree Patten pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP; Judge said: “Your blood runs cold, Mr. Patten. There shall be no possibility of parole.”

Micaela “Mickey” Costanzo

Elko District Judge Dan Papez was very straightforward and direct with Kody Cree Patten about the murder of Micaela Costanzo and I applaud him for the things he said. All very true statements as well. I am sure Mr. Patten was not happy with what was said, but everything he said was right on the mark. Kody Cree Patten will never walk as a free man again, as he should not. What he did was cold-blood and heinous, and he knows it. I hope Mickey’s family will now find some kind of peace again.

News Archive: Micaela “Mickey” Costanzo murder
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     Kody Patten                               Toni Fratto

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