Parents Gone Wild! Tiffany Nicole Klapheke decided not to take care of her children, killing 22-month-old Tamryn, and injuring her other 2 because her husband was deployed

Tiffany Nicole Klapheke

I believe she is using her husband’s deployment as an excuse. Yes, deployment is stressful, but the military has programs to help out spouses and children during deployment (I lived through it myself). Here is the kicker:

“Nobody took a second to ask me if there was anything they could do to help or if I needed anything and I wish they would have,” Klapheke said.

She is blaming others for not asking her if there was a problem. Many depressed people do not show real signs of it outwardly when they are around others. Also, when you have 3 children, most people will believe it is the stress from being a mother that is the problem. You sometimes need to reach out to others, no matter how hard that is. Even in deep depression (which, again, I truly understand) you are not necessarily that oblivious to the world around you. You would know if you have not fed or bathed your children. And when they are screaming because they have not eaten, that is a clue! However, she severely neglected all of her children, allowing one to die, but she does not believe she belongs in jail. And yes, she does acknowledge that her actions, or rather non-actions, caused the death of her child and the injuries to the other 2. However, saying you are sorry does not solve the situation. She needs to accept the consequences now.

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