Parents Gone Wild! Heather Lerch convicted of the murder of her 17-month-old son, Patrick, after he ingested a large amount of meth

Patrick Lerch

Personally, I cannot think of a punishment that fits this heinous crime. Heather Lerch was supposed to love and protect her son, Patrick. After all, at 17 months, he could not take care of himself. However, she did not protect him or take care of him. She put him in a horrible situation. There was an active meth lab in this house, and yes, she knew it was there. Besides, this beautiful child had bruises all over him, so he was also being abused. Now, Heather Lerch faces 15 years to life in prison. She should stay in prison for the rest of her miserable life.

How many methtards does it take to murder a baby?
Akron police investigating ‘suspicious’ death of 17-month-old boy
Mother, boyfriend’s brother charged with murder in death of toddler in Akron meth-lab home
Mother charged with murder after Akron toddler dies from meth overdose
Akron mom stands trial in son’s meth death
Opening statements expected Wednesday in trial of Akron mom charged in toddler son’s meth death
Heather Lerch’s fate now in the hands of the jury
Mother Guilty of Murder in Toddler’s Death at Meth House
Jury finds Akron mother, Heather Lerch, guilty of murder in meth death of toddler son

Allen Kostra – pled guilty
Heather Lerch – convicted
Randy Legg – scheduled for trial Oct. 4
Ronald Legg – scheduled for trial Sept. 24

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  1. Straight to execution for this MOM!


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