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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Psycho For Love: Rebecca Salcedo Cleland sentenced to LWOP for having her husband, Bruce Cleland murdered for his life insurance


Bruce Cleland

Find-A-Grave: Bruce Alan Cleland
Police arrest widow in murder-for-hire plot
Wife Allegedly Hired Killer, Faked Carjack
Californian charged with killing her husband in carjacking ruse
Wife, 2 Cousins Convicted of Murder
Conviction in Spouse Killing Overturned, Prosecutor’s Remarks Cited
People of California v Rebecca Cleland and Jose Quezada 2003
Woman Gets Life Without Parole in Husband’s Slaying
People v Cleland 2008
In Memory: Bruce Cleland

Honeymoon With A Killer
Till Death Do Us Part: True Stories of Newlywed Murder Cases

She Made Me Do It
Scorned: Love Kills: The Virgin and the Bachelorette Party
Happily Never After: Weeping Widow
Deadly Women: Til Death Do Us Part
Deadly Wives: Opposites Attract

Rebecca Salcedo Cleland – convicted; sentenced to LWOP
Alvaro Quezada – convicted; sentenced to LWOP
Jose Quezada – (shooter) convicted; sentenced to LWOP


Rebecca Cleland

CDCR#: X24179
Age: 42
Admission Date: 04/12/2007
Current Location: Women’s Facility


CDCR#: K98346
Age: 40
Admission Date: 05/22/1998
Current Location: Pleasant Valley


CDCR#: G20340
Age: 40
Admission Date: 06/18/2008


28 Responses

  1. It is so sad that there are some people out there in the world taking advantage of others. It’s also sad that his parents were not alive to witness the outcome of the trial.

    • I didn’t know his parents didn’t live to see that. how sad, they probably died from broken hearts.

  2. OMG! I knew Rebecca. She was my friend and roomate in the late 80’s early 90’s. I could’nt believe it when I heard about what she did. I went to her wedding and she played the part perfect. She and Bruce looked so happy. There is so much more drama from her life that people don’t know about. I always knew she was always interested in money but never thought she would go this far. So sad. I feel for her son, who is probably now in his late 20’s. May God have Mercy on your soul Becky.

    • Who the hell cares about “Becky’s” soul…it’s Bruce’s soul you should care about. Hopefully God will not have mercy on her soul. Nobody gives two hoots and a dollar about her “drama”. She’s a disgusting, perverted, and evil piece of trash who is right where she belongs.

    • Norma, I’m working on a show about this case for the Oxygen network. Would you be open to speaking with us? We would love to talk to someone who was at their wedding who knew Becky personally. Please email me if you get this

  3. This bitch makes me sick. This poor man was duped well and truly by this sick greedy piece of filth. I hope she rots in hell.

  4. I most said I have heard and witness a lot of s&^^/in my life but when I watch this story on
    Happily never after oh man I just felt so sick to my stomach poor guy ,this bitch is where she belong I hope she rotte in hell along with her accomplices ,life wop is what she deserve never
    Ever get out, not a chance in hell ,and have a slow painful dead thats for sure is coming
    What goes around comes around…never ends.

    • fisher51,

      I am sorry but most of your comment does not make any sense. Can you clarify? It is obvious you hate Rebecca, but what is the rest?

    • I know you’re outraged but GODS’ STANDARDS ARE MUCH DIFFERENT than that of humans. Make sure you’re living according to HIS STANDARDS b4 condemning ANY one to Eternal Hellfire.

      • Amen Amen. Then even when we are living up to His standards it still dangerous to be a self righteous judge. As long as we are in the flesh body we are bound to fall. People sin differently and we know some are more extreme than others but God requires the same repentance for all.

        • Speaking from emotion now I am angry at her and others who take people’s lives for such a silly and heartless reason. They took a life and now they have lost their freedom

  5. This is one of the most cold-blooded murders I have ever heard about. This man just wanted love and Rebecca comes along with her greedy, cold-hearted, evil self and kills this man for what? MONEY!! Its hard in this life to find a good man/woman who wants to love you and in return just wants to be loved and this piece of filth comes along and destroys him. I hope she is sitting in her cell thinking about him every minute of the day and maybe somewhere in her soul she is feeling remorse and asking for GOD’s and Bruces forgiveness!!!

  6. This is 1 cold hearted bitch. What a liar she is. Now she lies trying to get pen pals.

  7. She’s a very sick person and she is where she deserves to be!!!!!

    • After seeing this story on tv i had to find out more because there allways is.. What i’ve read since was typical. After killing her husband in the coldest of ways she then tried, & allmost succeded, to play the system and get away with it..
      My need for seeking more on this story stemed for the feeling that there are many more such women out there using men the exact same way.. Only difference is they are going about it much smarter.. They work the man to death….

  8. I grew up with Alvaro. We know him as Al. He was my neighbor. I knew the brother too. That guy was a total nut job. He would flip at a moments notice. Guy was always unemployed and looking for a quick buck. Total waste of space. I actually had a fist fight with him when I was about 14. He was prob 19 or 20. I can tell you one thing. Al was very gullible. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole idea came from Joe. Most likely he set the wheels in motion. Rumor has it he(Joe) was killed in jail. I’ve been trying to do research but can’t seem to find anything. His parents moved away so no way of asking them. The mother was kind of old when we were kids and had had heart surgery so she might not be around anymore. The dad was a heavy drinker so probably gone as well.

  9. No, no, no…it seems that YOU’RE gullible. SHE set the wheels in motion, nobody else. She’s right where she belongs.

  10. Why is it when a man treats a women like a lady she takes is kind for weakness this bitch is a fucking hood rat and bruce should of seen the red light this bitch is a money grabbing ho rot in hell bitch

    • OMG, how horrible!! I feel for Bruce’s parents! I, like many of you hope that Alvaro, Jose and Rebecca get what they deserve! ! Im sure Alvaro and Jose were promised money!! That fucken greedy whore Rebecca!!! People like her piss me off! They have a good, wonderful, caring man but the bitch was in it only for money!!!

      Let this story be a lesson to ALL men….if women make excuses and they make things impossible, leave the bitch!! I feel for Bruce and my he rest in peace but seen the red flags far too late!!

  11. My question is…did she really think she would honestly get away with that story of hers? I mean really.

  12. […] Psycho For Love: Rebecca Salcedo Cleland sentenced to … – Aug 11, 2012 · Bruce Cleland Find-A-Grave: Bruce Alan Cleland Police arrest widow in murder-for-hire plot Wife Allegedly Hired Killer, Faked Carjack Californian charged …… […]

  13. Wrong photo….this is Rebecca Dormer!

  14. Oh no! Its unbelievable. I have watched this tragical moment on SET and its really so horrible. You just cant understand why one would kill his husband just to gain riches. Its weird and insane. Fake Rebecca- you are so evil. You deserve no mercy des even a micro second. May Bruce’s soul rest in peace. I now have good looking ladies who have a lot love for money. They can do anything stupid to get money.

  15. My Uncle Bruce, R.I.P….thinking of u daily

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