Monsters Among Us: James Robert Duke killed his wife, Liana, & their son, Erik and conspired to kill his parents

Liana and Erik Duke

James Robert Duke received 6 life sentences for killing his wife and son. He also received time in federal prison for the conspiracy to kill his parents.

Find-A-Grave: Liana Davidson Duke
Secrets lie in shadowy desert
Plans for fast cash
Friend’s fear of revenge made believer of investigator uneasy
Lawyer faced lack of evidence in trial
Secret of Lost Dog Trail Haunts a Friendship (part 1)
More Lives Threatened by Friend’s Deadly Secret (part 2)
Plot Rekindles Suspicion About Family Deaths (part 3)
Tale of Lost Dog Trail Ends in a Courtroom (part 4)
Man Gets 6 Life Terms in 1996 Deaths, Solicitation
Court upholds murder convictions
U.S. v James Robert Duke 1999

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen: Pushed to the Edge
Dateline: Mystery on Lost Dog Road


This is his State time for killing his wife and child. He is serving in Wyoming. He is still incarcerated.

Offender ID:20020925003
Date of Birth:06/29/1973
Age: 39
Race: White
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Wyoming Department of Corrections
Scheduled Release Date: –

Federal: He has completed his federal time. He is now serving his State time.
Register#: 8333-079
Age-Race-Sex: 39-White-M
Release Date: 01-23-2008
Location: RELEASED


Federal: (James’ brother)
Register#: 83339-079
Age-Race-Sex: 44-White-M
Release Date: 07-18-2000
Location: RELEASED

8 Responses

  1. this awful man threw his own child and wife off a cliff to their deaths and he’s now free.

  2. @blog owner, it was an error.

  3. Still in prison…. thank goodness! When I first read “threw…. and is now free” I almost vomited! This horrible man killed his wife & toddler and deserves to be executed in the SAME EXACT MANNER, and if the first fall doesn’t do it, drag is lousy behind BACK UP THE MOUNTAIN, and push him off the cliff again….. repeat process until he is effectively executed! He has been granted more mercy than he deserves by being allowed to receive ‘life in prison.’

    • nah let hm be raped in jail hard till he can`t sit anymore

      what he did to his wife and kid can not be undone
      it can only get better if he has to feel pain for what her did

      gim sufferinging in jail is way better then killing him off

  4. I just finished watching the dateline episode on this case & I’m glad he will never see the light of day again.

  5. I wonder if his parents ever came to appreciate his guilt and saw him for the very angry person he is?

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