Art Rozendal murder 1/14/2005 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada *Kyro Sparks and Cory McLeod were convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 11 years in prison*

Art Rozendall

Deadly Encounter (a detailed series, very good to read)
Rozendal case on true crime TV
Facebook: Kyro Sparks (private)

Motives& Murder
Motives & Murders: Murder at the Roadhouse
Murder She Solved: Season 1 Episode 4

Corey McLeod

5 Responses

  1. I am DISGUSTED these 2 viscous murderers only got 11 yrs. for killing Art. By all accounts Art was a wonderful man. I know someone who committed a crime (not murder or an assaultive crime) under the influence of drugs and direction of his extremely violent childhood molester and he got 1 yr less than these unrepentant thugs. He is beside himself with guilt and remorse and these calloused thugs will be free soon. DESPICABLE!

  2. These aren’t even thugs, these are moron stupid as hell imbeciles who can’t take on a 1 on 1 fight, they needed 3 of these poo stains! I hope they get murdered as soon as they get out, I’ll be laughing as their moms are crying, tee-hee! Oh, and the white trash girlfriends are hilarious too, too ghetto to get good looking thin girls, have to settle for bottom pickings these idiots! Lol!!

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