Serial Killer: Robert Berdella *The Kansas City Butcher*

Known Victims
Jerry Howell, 20 [disappeared 7/5/1984] (first picture)
Robert Sheldon, 18 [disppeared 4/19/1985] (middle picture)
Mark Wallace, 20 [disappeared 6/22/1985] (no picture)
James Ferris, 20 [disappeared 9/26/1985] (third picture)
Todd Stoops, 21 [disappeared 6/17/1986] (no picture)
Larry Pearson, 20 [disappeared 7/9/1987] (no picture)
Christopher Bryson, 22 [3/29/1988] (survived) (no picture)

The Lighter Side of Torture
Murderpedia: Robert A. Berdella
Robert Berdella
Robert Andrew Berdella
CrimeLibrary: The Kansas City Butcher
Robert Berdella
Wikipedia: Robert Berdella
Find-A-Grave: Robert Berdella

Rites of Burial
Serial Murderers and their Victims
I Have Lived in the Monster: Inside the Minds of the World’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

Evil, I: The Skull Collector
Bazaar Bizarre

Robert Andrew Berdella

One Response

  1. I went to high school with Larry Pearson, I hated that this happened to him. He was a gentle man and it saddens me to learn how long he suffered at the hands of this man. Larry was a good person.

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