With A Sister Like This…The Sunny Han story

Sunny Han

Jeen “Gina” Han, 22 aka Jeena Han(Sunny’s twin sister)
John Sayartha “Yoshi”, 15
Archie Bryan, 16

Family feud leads to twin’s murder plot
`Evil twin’ found guilty of plotting to kill sister
Woman Gets 26 Years to Life in Plot to Kill Identical Twin
The People v Jeen Young Han
Wikipedia: Han twins murder conspiracy
Another (In)Famous Female Prisoner Looking For Love (read the comments, especially interesting is several men finding out they were not her one and only!)

Evil Twins: Chilling True Stories of Twins, Killing and Insanity

American Justice – Sister Against Sister: The Twin Murder Plot
The Investigators: Evil Twin
Snapped: Jeena Han
Wikipedia: Snapped Episode Guide
Evil Twins: Sisters Out for Blood


CDCR#: W73789
AGe: 38
Admission Date: 05/14/1998
Current Location: Women’s Facility
Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF)
P. O. Box 1508
Chowchilla, CA 93610

2 Responses

  1. I dunno. It seems like both girls are of pretty equally questionable character; the difference being that Sunny didn’t try to kill Jeena first. All the thieving on both of their parts, and the rationalizations thereof…

    At least their mother assumes responsibility for the bad parenting part.

    • I don’t agree, Sunny had her act together. Sunny stole from Gina so she could have a taste of her own medicine since Sunny really had no reason to still becasue she was doing well. (Obviously just opinion).

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