Monsters Among Us: Dwight Keith Bacon and Brandon Davis convicted of the kidnapping, rape and murder of Tosha Lampkin; sentenced to LWOP

FindA-Grave: Tosha Marie Lampkin
Guilty As Charged; Jury Makes Decision In Brandon Davis Case
Brandon Davis Sentenced to LWOP after Hung Jury in 2005 LA. Carjacking/Murder (several articles)
Man gets life sentence in case of burning victim alive
On more strike against the justice system…
Second Man Sentenced In 2005 Murder Of Texas Woman
State of Louisiana v Brandon Davis 2009

Stolen Voices Buried Secrets: Caught On Tape
Main Street Mysteries (could not find name of episode)


Offender Name: BRANDON C DAVIS
Offender ID:461525
Date of Birth:08/09/1983
Age: 28
Race: African American
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Louisiana State Penitentiary


Offender Name: DWIGHT BACON
Offender ID:556894
Date of Birth:08/16/1983
Age: 28
Race: African American
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Louisiana State Penitentiary

10 Responses

  1. How can you not be able to decide a sentence in this case? If this wasn’t a death penalty case, what is then? They abducted the woman, raped her and then burned her ALIVE! Atrocious and heinous….one of the worst ever.

  2. Ikr she was much loved I’m her cousin we were soo close I miss her

    • Neshia have u or any of ur family members wrote these men in prison? to tell them how low life they are and hope they are getting raped and will burn in hell? I watched this episode on ID channel, dont know if the show is actually acurrate but It was really senceless. If they wanted her car then why the hell they burn it? SMH!

      • No we haven’t wrote them bt n court we said some things to both of them..yeah I hope thy rotten like hell..Thy was ment to rob her but thy took it to a diffrnt lecel when the only thng she had was the change from the food she bought outa waffle house ..guess it wasn’t even so thy drve around rap her..Thy said she fought. back ran then thts when thy shot her to Stop her..She was still alive durin it all..

    • Are tonya douglas?

  3. If were going to have the death penalty, then use the damn thing! When we have roaches and pests in our home, what do we do? We kill them. And fuck the child predators…bring back the guillotine…Why should they live better than most Americans? Chop, fry or shoot…But lets get this thing under control.

    • Your. So right bt we all preferred to let him rotten n meet some of our pple thts n the same JAIL…THAY ASS IS GOT

      • Those two demons are getting just what they deserve, doing all those horrible things to my fam. We think of her all the time and she is truly missed. I remember when my little one was 3 or 4 and she baby sat her while I worked. This shit still hurts me to my heart. May God be with you Tosha and the rest of the fam. Love ❤ this gurl

  4. I saw this senseless murder on ID today and I was deeply touched. I cried and cried. She didn’t deserve this neither did her family. My thoughts and prayers are with Latosha, her son, and the rest her family. May God continue to give each and everyone of you strength to get through this tragedy. Thank God that her son has family members to be there for him. God is good.

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