Deadly Duo: Chrystal Gale Soto and William Charles Jordan

James Loyd Christmas Sr., 76
Ullaine Christmas, 79

James Loyd CHRISTMAS , Sr.
Christmas Gets 10-Year Terms
Nationwide hunt on for 4 inmates
Four jail escapees include two convicted in cheerleader murder
Texas Fugitives in Custody After Standoff
FBI: Tip led to capture of Texas fugitives
Texas fugitive cut her hair to pose as man
Man pleads guilty in couples’ slaying in Montague County
Man pleads guilty in elderly couple’s slaying
Montague killer gets 2nd life sentence
Killer who escaped Montague jail gets second life term
Bowie tragedy is topic of show

Wicked Attraction: House Guests from Hell

Chrystal Gale Soto – convicted of destruction of evidence and escape; sentenced to 27 years in prison
William Charles Jordan – pled guilty during trial; sentenced to life in prison; apparently killed himself in prison
Willard Christmas – convicted of tampering with evidence; sentenced to 10 years in prison


SID Number: 06806668 T
DCJ Number: 01212572
Race: H Gender: F
DOB: 1979-08-05
Maximum Sentence Date: 2027-03-04 CUMULATIVE OFFENSES
Current Facility: HOBBY
Projected Release Date: NOT AVAILABLE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2010-11-24

Offense Date: 2001-11-23
Sentenced Date: 2003-11-11
Case No.: 03-03-0040M-CR
Sentence: 10-00-00

Offense Date: 2001-11-23
Sentenced Date: 2003-11-11
Case No.: 02-03-0061M-CR
Sentence: 10-00-00

Offense Date: 2002-01-28
Offense: ESCAPE
Sentenced Date: 2003-11-11
Case No.: 02-03-0062M-CR
Sentence: 7-00-00

7 Responses

  1. I am married to the eldest dau of James Lloyd Christmas. This evening, we had a BBQ with other members of the family. One of the discussions was what was the demise of Charles Jordan. He was incarcerated in Polunsky Correctional Facility in Livingston TX, and they informed us that he had died in prison, but would not explain the circumstances of his death. We certainly know every detail of how Jordan had killed James & Ullaine. Christmas. Therefore, why must Charles Jordan’s death be a secret?
    Cliff Beattie

    • Cliff,

      I have heard this as well. I am going to call and check on it this week. I do not find him listed in any inmate locator. I will update when I have more information.

  2. I called the Texas dept of justice when I was told Jordan died and they told me that they could not tell me how he died. I really feel that if he killed my father I should have the right to know how he died. As for those of Ullane’s family they seem to have the idea the my family accepts what Willard Thomas Christmas did. Not one member of my family will associate with him He is a monsters.

    • we would sure like to know details too and maybe a story with relatives would convince TDC to give the information.
      Call KFDX news in
      Wichita Falls if interested.

  3. The William Jordan you have posted is not Charles William Jordan the real person that committed this crime. Please check your records and post his stats.

  4. Apparently, you have the wrong Jordon. Here is the information for the correct one.

    Jordan, Charles William
    White Male 34
    SID: 06803228
    TDCJ: 01134515
    Case No.: 0854250V, 2001-11-23, TARRANT Co. TX, Capital Murder
    Case No. 02-02-0028M-CR, 2001-11-23, MONTAGUE Co. TX, Aggravated Robbery
    Never tried for Escape from Montague Co. jail.
    Maximum: LIFE SENTENCE
    Projected Rel: N/A
    Incarceration: (as of 4/29/2006) Polunsky, Livingston, TX

    He no longer appears in the TDCJ inmate search.
    Cliff Beattie

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