Serial Killer: Gary Charles Evans

Timothy Rysedorph

Michael Falco, 30 [July 1985]
Douglas J. Berry, 63 [9/8/1989]
Damien Cuomo, 28 [12/26/1989]
Gregory Jouben, 36 [10/17/1991]
Timothy Rysedorph, 39 [10/3/1997]

I have been unable to find pictures of any of the victims except Timothy Rysedorph. If you have one that you would like to share, please let me know. Thanks!

Murderpedia: Gary Charles Evans
Evans faces charges in Little Falls court
A life of crime
Shallow Grave Yields Body
Missing Saratoga man last seen with friend wanted by police
Link between missing man, arson suspect
Murder suspect jumps off bridge
Confessed killer jumps to his death from moving van
Murder Suspect Leaps to Death in Escape Bid
Evans plunges to death (part 1)
Evans’ note to lawyer hinted at suicide (part 2)
Victims’ families relieved (part 1)
Families of Evans’ victims say his deat will help bring closure (part 2)
Gary Charles Evans profile
Wikipedia: Gary Evans
NEW YORK: Gary Charles Evans
Women Baffled by ‘Gentle’ Friend’s Murderous Side

Every Move You Make

Blood, Lies & Alibis: Friendly Fire
I Killed My BFF: My Best Friend the Serial Killer


Register#: 03702-082
Age-Race-Sex: 57-White-M
Release Date: 08-03-1997
Location: RELEASED

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