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  1. The last week of August 2012 Jane Dorotik’s motion asking that the court appoint an attorney to assist her in requesting DNA testing was granted; Jane may finally have the chance to prove her innocence. Her motion cited CA Penal Code 1405, a law which allows those convicted to get court-appointed representation in matters of DNA testing and which the court granted. The court assigned Public Defender Robert Ford to Jane’s case. This is the first motion filed by Jane or on her behalf post-conviction that has ever been granted to my knowledge.

    • Claudia,

      Anything about the victim, Robert Dorotik? Not even a tiny mention? Please read the header of my blog. The emphasis is on the victim.

    • As a member of the jury that convicted Jane Dorotik for the murder of her husband I can tell you there was no credible evidence presented or testimony provided to result in a reasonable doubt to the contention that Jane was the murderer. Innuendo and supposition are not facts. Jane lied numerous times to the investigators. She cannot imagine how her husband died or who killed him even though her finger print was in Bob’s blood on a syringe with traces of horse tranquilizer found in the homes trash can. It is amazing the “poor little me” attitude Jane continues to present to the public. Her husband is dead. Her sympathy for him seems to have been a victim of her conviction as well. I suppose when you are guilty and don’t want to admit it to yourself you do strange things. Mental health professionals are often the most troubled. Jane was a first person participant in the murder and coverup that followed. If anyone else was involved she knows who they were. “All we want are the facts ma’am”

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    My students and I are studying this case. We love the work of pathologists.:)

  3. Why first degree murder, worst crimes get 2nd degree. What is the probability that she will reoffend if she were released. What is the purpose of paying to keep her in jail at this point. She is elderly and is doubtful she will be a risk to society. Gang members caught with gun are getting eight years for drive by shootings. Parole her.

  4. I went to college with Robert (UT-Austin). We were class mates and graduated together in the aero-space engineering program there. Also friends — and room-mates one semester. A bunch of us all moved to CA (Los Angeles area) together, to work — he at Lockheed-Burbank, me at TRW Systems, Redondo Beach.

    Was Googling some old acquaintances last night and came across this murder issue. I am just stunned. He was one of the smartest, funniest, neatest people I’ve ever known. What a terribly tragic end.

    My wife and I met Robert and Jane when they lived in Laytonville (?), CA back in the early ’70s. Hard to believe Jane could do such a thing.

    RIP, good friend.

    • Gee. So amazing how a murder can happen in the heat of countless arguments. But, unfortunately, it did. The evidence was definitely pointed at the wife, Jane. There should have been another way. Not murder.

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