Serial Killer: David Gail Meirhofer killed at least 4; Committed suicide in jail


Bernard Louis Poelman, 13 [3/19/1967] Gallatin County, Montana
Michael Edward Raney, 12 [5/7/1968] Yellowstone County, Montana (no picture)
Susie Jaeger, 7 [6/25/1973] Gallatin County, Montana
Sandra Dykman Smallegan, 19 [2/10/1974] Gallatin County, Montana

Find-A-Grave: Bernard Louis Poelman
Find-A-Grave: Michael Edward Raney
Find-A-Grave: Susan Marie Jaeger

Find-A-Grave: Sandra Mae Dykman Smallegan
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Man Admits Killings, Hangs Self
Officers Examine Meirhofer’s Possessions (part one)
Meirhofer (part two)
Personal items belonging to 1974 murder victim found in Manhattan
Murderpedia: David G. Meirhofer
Wikipedia: David Meirhofer
Items owned by ’74 murder victim found
Old Wounds

The Lost Child

The FBI Files: Dark Woods
FBI: The Untold Stories: The Meirhofer Case

David Gail Meirhofer

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  2. I recall seeing this case on The FBI Files-Dark Woods (The program had Meirhoffer’s name changed to Masterson and didn’t use the names [nor made up names] of the 2 boys that were killed). They first only brought up the killing 12-year-old Boy Scout Michael Rainey because of the possibility that his killer may have returned 5 years later (at the Headwaters Camp ground) and abducted Susie Jager (plus raped and murdered her before dismembering her body).

    Towards the end of the episode they brought up all 4 killings. David stated that killing 13-year-old Bernie Pullman was revenge on Bernie’s brother (A fellow student who picked a fight with David). When asked why he killed Mike Rainey, his response was, to embarrass the local troop for kicking him out.

    But on the FBI Untold Stories, they never mentioned the killing of the 2 boys. It focused more on Susie Jager and very little on Sandra Smallegan (David’s ex-girlfriend who only dated him once)


  3. He reminds me very much of a young Charles Manson. You can see the “hard eyes”.


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