Serial Killer: David Gail Meirhofer

Bernard L. Poelman, 13 [3/19/1967] Gallatin County, Montana
Michael E. Raney, 12 [5/7/1968] Yellowstone County, Montana
Susie Jaeger, 7 [6/25/1973] Gallatin County, Montana
Sandra Dykman Smallegan [2/10/1974] Gallatin County, Montana

Murderpedia: David G. Meirhofer
Dave Meirhofer case file
David Meirhofer
Marietta Jaeger
Confessed Murderer Hangs Himself (part one)
Confessed Murderer Takes His Life (part two)
Confesses (part three)
Murderer Kept Victim’s Hand, Fingers In Freezer
Man Admits Killings, Found Hanged In Jail
Man Admits Killings, Hangs Self
Officers Examine Meirhofer’s Possessions (part one)
Meirhofer (part two)
Personal items belonging to 1974 murder victim found in Manhattan

The Lost Child

The FBI Files: Dark Woods

David Gail Meirhofer

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