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12 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on KIller2 and commented:
    Teachers are getting too involved with their pupils, they should go back to teaching rather than seducing them!


  2. Unfortunately, child abusers like this woman almost never go to jail. She is a female, young, and good looking and the jury will not look pass those facts. For every 10 male child predators, only one woman goes to prison for this despicable act. This is the problem with our justice system.


    • I’m sure that 17 year old horny high school boy has been irreparably damaged by having sex with a hot assistant cheerleader coach… This is such a non issue. Should she have done it, no, she should be fired, but she does not deserve to go to jail.


      • Now, what if it was a male teacher/coach and female student? Everyone would be screaming to stone him to death. It is a double standard here.
        What if the teacher/coach was not an attractive female, but an older ugly woman. Surely you would still be defending her, right?


  3. This is sickening and pathetic, this entire blog. That student was not a victim; what 17 year old male is SEDUCED? Non, that’s who. I’m sure he went around bragging about what happened to all his other buddies. Go after the real pedophiles. No, she should not have had any type of sexual relations with this student because she was in a position of authority but there is no victim in this case.


    • Heather, It is still illegal. If my blog (which this post is only one of over 5000+ posts) is so pathetic to you, please do not come back. Simple as that. The majority of my posts are about murder victims and justice for them. I guess that disgusts you that people care about them.


    • I agree with you 100 percent.


  4. She is not teacher, she is an assistant cheer-leading coach. Get a life.


  5. When I was in school every 17 yr old male in the place would have spent his entire existence trying to get a piece of this action. She’s 22. Male was 17. Get real. 17 yr old’s are not children, especially guys.


    • Tell that to the lawmakers who make the laws. It is up to them to change it. BTW, not all 17 year old boys are adults. Some are very much children.

      But think of this, if there was a predatory sexual rapist who raped a 17 year old girl or boy, (which at this time it would be child rape), I bet you would want that person charged with child rape, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, as the laws are written now, you can’t have both.

      As everyone is defending her, what about her fiance? Not one person has made note that she is also cheating on someone else. But that does not matter either, huh?


  6. Could be that the 17 year-old made the whole thing up! Anybody thought about that ?? She says it’s not true…


    • Actually she has admitted that it happened, but says that she did not have any supervision over him, so it was legal. Apparently under Indiana law, age of consent is 16 unless you are a teacher, etc. She says he was not her student and she was not over him as a member of the basketball team. No word yet if this is true or if she is still engaged, to a different man.


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