Update: Arletha Hopkins murder *Husband, Anthony Jujuan Hopkins convicted of killing his wife, molesting stepdaughter; sentenced to life in prison plus 51 years*

Arletha Hopkins

Arletha Hopkins murder 11/04/2004 Jackson, AL *Husband, Anthony Hopkins, arrested for her 2004 murder; her body was found in a freezer*
Traveling evangelist on trial for wife’s murder
Hopkins’ Daughter Testifies in Freezer Murder Trial
Hopkins’ trial: Autopsy photos released
Jurors View Autopsy Photos In Freezer Murder Trial
Victim’s father speaks out
Detectives:Jaws of Life to remove murder victim from freezer
Hopkins takes stand in murder trial
Full Story: Jury finds preacher guilty of murdering wife, sexually abusing stepdaughter
Hopkins sentenced to life plus 51 years

Blood, Lies & Alibis: The Perverted Preacher


AnthonyHopkins prison mug

AIS: 00272562
Race: B
Sex: M
Birth Date: 10/1/1970
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 125
Custody MEDIUM


HopkinsA info

16 Responses

  1. This man should have gotten an IMMIDIATE death sentence. This poor children. I pray that each and every one of them is able to prosper in life and is gettin any and all help that they need.


  2. The devil is an angle of light. He deceived Tony mind allowing him to think he was called to preach. Jesus Who is the Head Preacher do not call men to sin, kill, and destroy mankind. Tony lack studying The Word of God,and therefore his mind wasn’t renewed daily. Satan loves when one who claims he was call but lack proof or experience or incounter with the Lord!


  3. This story was also in Fatal Attraction on TV One. The episode is called Sins & Secrets.


    • I saw this Fatal Attraction today, it sickened me. I could tell the officers were just so disgusted and angry with him.


  4. The oldest daughter should have been on trail also she was just as guilty as that freak was I hope he go to straight to hell


  5. I cannot beleivet this creep got away with this for so long I live in canada and would love to face this devil. This should have never went on as long as it did…. I read the other preashers didnt believe the girl… I hate to say it but iam not religion because of crap like this ….. Most of these preashers are scum bags rapistes are stealing money from church and brain wash people ….. Grrrrrr let say a lot of words to all these creeps,,,,,,,,


  6. This story aired this morning, 18 March 2015 @0800 on the ID Channel on a show entitled Blood, Lies & Alibis. This story is horrible, my heart goes out to each of those children and to Arletha and her loved ones. My question is, didn’t Arletha have family of her own such as parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles that would notice she was missing? I understand how a controlling spouse works by isolating you from everyone you know but how can no one not question where she is? Even though he was prepared to answer that question every time someone would ask, it is terrible that no one cared enough to get involved and ask the hard questions. Thank God for the neighbor that took in the oldest step daughter. If she didn’t push for answers he may have gotten away with it for much longer. I hope this story doesn’t make people lose faith in religion. This situation has nothing to do with religion. This man used the goodness of religion to hide behind in order to do his evil deeds. He took advantage of peoples trust and faith in the position of being a pastor. I hope these children gets the help that they need to heal from this terrible ordeal that they had to call life and family.


    • Happy that I’m still here…And God is watching over all of my older sibilings.


    • I didn’t understand how no one didn’t notice her missing either I wonder did the kids go to school and where is there family and the oldest daughter should have said something a long time ago instead of letting him continue to destroy them smh..


  7. Is this FOOL dead yet?


  8. Twisted and horrifying. Rape and murder by boyfriends, husbands and family members is sooo prevalent in yours and my neighborhoods that it would make your head spin. God shall not be mocked. We must protect the women and children.
    I will only be guided by the Holy Spirit, not man, not woman, nor an entity. People wake up! Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Ladies- do background checks on the men you lay with and allow around your children. Peace to you all.


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