Patrick Drum: Sex Offender Slayer…

Gary Blanton
Jerry Wayne Ray

Man Kills Two Convicted Sex Offenders, Says He Wasn’t Going To Stop There
Washington Man Kills 2 Sex Offenders
Police: Man Who Allegedly Shot Sex Offenders Said He Planned to Shoot Another
Washington Man Accused of Killing Sex Offenders Allegedly Left Notes At The Scene
Clallam prosecutor may seek death penalty in double-homicide case
Clallam prosecutor making death penalty decision
Stepmom: Accused Double-Murderer Called Her
Update: Patrick Drum – Sex Offender Slayer… *Patrick Drum pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Patrick Drum

4 Responses

  1. Well, thats one way to stop the molesters!!!! Cant say im sad about this! Maybe it will deter other perverts!! Lol:)


  2. I bet you call yourself a Christian, don’t you, Doeis? You should be ashamed. Mr. Drum is obviously sick. People who appreciate his work should be evaluated as well.


  3. […] Identifies Sex Offenders, Other Criminals In Real TimeSuit seeks to block Halloween sex offender lawPatrick Drum: Sex Offender Slayer….left { float:left; } .center { text-align:center; } .right { display:inline; float:right; […]


  4. interesting


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