Lowndes County, AL Triple Homicide: Deandra Marquis Lee wanted for questioning in the murder of twins Jordan & Taylor Dejerinett & their caretaker, Jack Mac Girdner

Jordan Dejerinett, 9
Taylor Dejerinett, 9
Jack Mac Girdner, 73

So far not much is known about what happened here or how Deandra Marquis Lee fits in and why he is the person of interest. However, he is considered armed and dangerous. I hope no one else gets hurt.

Ala. man wanted for questioning in triple homicide
Missing twins, caretaker murdered; person of interest sought
Authorities search for missing 9-year-old Ala. twins Jordan and Taylor Dejerinett
Triple homicide person of interest search
Missing twins and 73-year-old caretaker found dead on dirt road in Alabama
Person of interest sought in deaths of 9-year-old twins, caregiver
Man sought in triple homicide
News Archive: Lowndes County, AL Triple Homicide – Jordan & Taylor Dejerinett and Jack Mac Girdner

Deandra Marquis Lee

3 Responses

  1. Why are scumbags like this allowed to live?


  2. So sad. So sad. Three innocent lives, two little children, snuffed out. Makes you wonder why judges and juries are so lenient with habitual violent criminals who obviously respect neither people’s lives nor property. Something has to change.


  3. Cant wait to he touch the yard in prison hes going to suffer,I HATE this coward.


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