Murder-Suicide: Tonya Thomas shot her 4 children, then killed herself

Jaxs Johnson, 15
Jazzlyn Johnson 13
Joel Johnson, 12
Pebbles Johnson, 17
Tonya Thomas, 33 [shooter]

Mom kills 4 kids, self in Port St. John
Deputies Say Mom Kills 4 Children, Self
Deputies: Fla. mom killed 4 kids, then herself
Authorities: Tonya Thomas shot and killed her four children before shooting herself
Deputies: Mother killed 4 children, self at Port St. John home
Experts: Circumstances of Florida family slayings ‘really unusual’
Report: Mother shot kids at very close range

7245 Bright Ave Port St John, FL


7 Responses

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  2. WOW! I’ve heard of some.awful.crimes BUT this is one has got me stund. Three away, and she yelled for them to.come back home, just to finish the job? I’m not by any means blaming the.victims but im just wondering why they went back. I would have been like “hell no” that being said there is.NO reason whatsoever to kill your children, if she wanted to kill herself, then R.I.P but take your.childrens lives??????? I’m sorry i just.cant.understand it. R.I.P to all the kids and my heaet goes.out to the family. Thoughts and prayers. 😦

  3. Well truth is I knew tonya she was my human resources and she was the most amazing person. She had to deal with people problems all the time. Truth Is she was always worried for some reason she was always also an elegant person she always dressed as a professional. Thing is that where we worked at they don’t pay the people as they shouldve. They pay ppl almost minimum wage and I heard by her close friend that she recently got a diploma on psychology and she didn’t get recognized at work for it. She had to deal with so much. The company she works for is always lay people off and tonya was almost the only one that was assigned to fire the people. Tonya was the kind of person that would let her emotions be seen. Tonya had a good job she was responsible and she was a people person. She helped you no matter what is sad that she didn’t get that help she used to give at the end. This is a sad tragedy. People let’s face it. This is a social problem. I blame that peace of mind those bosses keep to themselves. Tonya what you did was beyond wrong and reckless. I wish you had a better live that you so deserved and this wouldn’t have happend. R.I.P Tonya Thomas and Johnson children.

  4. Why have kids if you are going to take they life, and kill them kids are a gift from God

    • I agree. My life isnt.exactly peachy but you dont see me killing my kids. I ccould.go on but wont. R.I.P to the kids. 😦

  5. […] Murder-Suicide: Tonya Thomas shot her 4 children, then killed her self ( […]

  6. She most obviously sick..she prolly believed she was saving get children from this horrible crazy world…r.i.p…dnt judge ppl u have no idea regardless how hainess or cruel the deed

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