Update: Dale Stark murder *Trial of Brian Moore has finally begun*

Dale Stark

Jury selection began on Monday, which ironically was Moore’s birthday. I am hoping that the jury gives him a present of a guilty verdict, even if it is a wee bit late.

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Brian Moore                        Shellye Stark

15 Responses

  1. I hear tell that old Brian Moore aka Monkey Boy has several pair of assless chaps to impress the boys in the county jail. I know he will be using them more once the jury hands down his sentence, and he heads to prison.

    I’m hoping for life without parol, but I will be happy if he get 51 years like Shellye’s original sentence.

    The more I know about Monkey Boy . . . the more I know he is a major scuz bag.


  2. Yep, It has began. Wondering how long this Trial will last…There are alot of State Witnesses, then the Defense has to present their Witnesses. Could only imagine who they have. My big question is, Will Brian speak for himself on the stand? This is going to be very interesting.


  3. I just hope the state has done their homework!!!!!


  4. Does anyone have any information about the trial?
    It appears that the news media has dropped the ball.
    Information please !!!!


    • I agree with you Wheels, WTH!! I know that people have testified, and things are progressing, and accorning to the Court Dockets, looks like Evidence and testimonies are trying to get denied but the court has been denying those Motions, just not sure what is going on, but I am dying to know. I do know that the main reporter who usually is there getting all of the 411 has not been to the Trial and someone else is covering it, and they are not doing a good job keeping us posted. So annoying. Hoping to hear from someone who has been there to testify, so we will see. I know they are busy. Once I find out something, I will post myself…


  5. The trial is in the hands of the jury now. Closing remarks were given today and YES..of course Brian took the stand. How could he not?? Pass up an opportunity to grandstand and attempt to manipulate a whole jury??? Yeah right… I did my part..gave my testimony..can only hope that it helps to convince the jury of what everyone else already knows. I guess we all have to wait and see from this point and then it all starts again with Shellye’s new trial.


  6. Is the jury still deliberating? I can’t seem to find a news update. Thanks


  7. Just don’t understand why it is taking so long. Makes one wonder if they are having difficulty coming to a verdict, maybe some of the jurors do not see eye to eye on this case, only time will tell. I will be patient and positive..:)


  8. The State does plan on Re-Trying him. He does have a 2 million Bond, not likely someone or Moore will post bail..


  9. Mistrial . . . .does anyone have more info?


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