Update: Bain Family kidnapping/murder *Adam Mayes dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound; 2 girls found safe!*

Jo Ann Bain
Adrienne Bain
Kyliyah Bain
Alexandria Bain

Jo Ann Bain’s & her daughter Adrienne’s bodies have been located; Two other daughters, Alexandria & Kyliyah still missing; Believed to be with alleged kidnapper Adam Mayes
Update: Jo Ann Bain & daughters kidnapping/murders *Adam Christopher Mayes added to the FBI Top List*
Alleged Tennessee family kidnapper caught, girls found safe
Coroner arrives at hospital where Mayes was taken
Suspected kidnapper Adam Mayes dead, girls found safe
Suspected Killer Adam Mayes Shot in Head, Missing Tennessee Girls Found Alive
FBI: Fugitive dead; two sisters alive
Mayes’ brother: Adam is ‘self-centered, egotistical, controlling’
Murderpedia: Adam Christopher Mayes

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen: Dark Obsession

Adam Christopher Mayes

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  1. I think this a.happy and sad.ending. two girls found alive BUT now have no mom :( and suspect dead. My heart n prayers go out to the victims and their famlies.

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