Update: Kristen Pulisciano murder *Daughter’s friend witnessed murder during video chat; Christopher Piantedosi probable cause hearing on June 7*

Kristen Pulisciano

This is so incomprehensible. Not only did this man kill the woman he supposedly loved, he brutally killed her in front of their daughter and her friend saw & heard the whole thing. Way to traumatize so many people. It is said he is bipolar, however, even those who have bipolar should know that stabbing a human being to death is wrong. I do know someone who is bipolar and never once did this person consider killing another person, in either a manic phase or depressive phase. In fact, most bi-polar persons are more of a danger to themselves than to others. So, he does not have my sympathy with this. I join with the family and beg him to plead guilty soon so as to lessen the trauma to their daughter. Please.

A letter from the friends of Kristen Pulisciano
Teen saw friend’s mom get stabbed on video chat, prosecutor says
iPad Video Chat Catches Massachusetts Murder
Authorities: Burlington murder was broadcast via videochat
Family’s plea: Save daughter from more trauma, admit guilt
Court: Teen sees Burlington stabbing via video chat

Christopher Piantedosi

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  1. Ok, not.that i want millions to know this BUT i myself am bi polar and not once have i wanted to kill or hurt someone else. Bonnie they are just looking for any excuse to get him off. I hate when people plead insane just to get out of what they’ve done. Its just plain disgusting to me.


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