Update: Micaela “Mickey” Costanzo murder *Toni Fratto sentenced to life; Kody Cree Patton will plead guilty next week*

Micaela “Mickey” Costanzo

News Archive: Micaela “Mickey” Costanzo murder
West Wendover teen sentenced to up to life for killing
Judge orders life sentence for murder ‘as violent as I’ve seen’
Teen sentenced to life in prison for classmate’s murder
Teen to plead guilty in Nev. killing
Wendover teen to plead guilty in schoolmate’s slaying
Backstage: What Did Anderson Think About Toni Fratto?
Toni Fratto’s Mother Apologizes to Costanzo Family
Teen goes on national TV to express regret for role in murder
Teen in classmate’s killing speaks out from jail

Kody Patten Toni Fratto

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  1. I watched this episode tonight on Dateline. Cody”s girlfriend Toni is guilty as hell ! Watching this it is quite obvious that Toni was jealous of Micki and put Cody up to the incident that led to this poor girls murder. No excuse for either Cody or Toni but Toni was not abused and should be serving life in prison or better yet , DEATH PENALTY ! Come on Toni’s parents, quit making excuses for your daughter and better yet quit coaching her on what to say !

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