Update: Sylar Newton death *Mother, Christina Priem pled guilty to child abuse, faces 10 to 33 years in prison at sentencing on June 4*

Sylar Newton

Missing Child: Sylar Newton since 7/25/2010 from Rimrock, AZ
The Sylar Newton Foundation
Sylar Newton had chaotic life before disappearance
Bones May Be Those of Missing 2-Year-Old Arizona Toddler Sylar Newton
The search for justice for Sylar Newton
Witnesses Saw Priem or Mother Abusing Sylar Newton
Sylar Newton abused before disappearance, witnesses say
Sylar Newton Update: Custodial Grandmother Nancy Collins Charged with Child Abuse
Priem, Collins may seek grand jury remand in Sylar’s death
Sylar Newton case continued to May
Judge rules Sylar Newton’s remains to stay in custody
Pre-trial motions argued in Sylar Newton case
Christina Priem pleads guilty to child abuse in death of Sylar Newton

Christina Priem                              Nancy Collins

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  1. What dirtbags!!!!!

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