Deadly Women: Lynn Turner killed a husband and a boyfriend, both from poisoning

Glenn Turner                 Randy Thompson

Lynn Turner: Timeline
Report: Grand Jury indicts woman on poison charges
‘Black Widow’s’ antifreeze murder trial to start
Prosecutor: Lust, greed drove woman to poison men with antifreeze
Friends of poisoned man deal damage to accused wife
Expert: Nothing natural about toxin that killed two men
Killer who eluded detection for years is brought to account
Ex-91 operator convicted of husband’s poisoning death
Wife found guilty of killing husband with antifreeze
Victim’s Family Says “Black Widow” Got Easy Way Out
Antifreeze Killer Lynn Turner Dies in Prison
Lynn Turner’s death ruled a suicide
Wikipedia: Lynn Turner (murderer)

Motives & Murders: Toxic Love
Forensic Files: Cold Hearted
Main Street Mysteries: Unnatural Causes
Snapped: Lynn Turner
Wikipedia: Snapped Episode Guide
Deadly Women: Cold Blood
Final Witness: Vixen’s Elixir

Julia Lynn Turner

2 Responses

  1. Glenn Turner was murdered by Lynn Archer and Dunkerton over the 1991 murder of Chris Underwood aka Chris Miller a clerk at the Conoco gas station once located across from Sprayberry High School. Being one out of four witnesses in the murder of Mrs Miller I was shocked when I heard the news of Officer Turners death. I knew it was a homicide the moment I saw it in the news and I knew that Archer and Dunkerton had their hands in it. I tried to get David(Chri´s foster brother to come forward in 1996 but he was still scared of Archer and Dunkerton. What is the most damaging evidence in these murders was the latest documentary Last Witness stating that Glenn and Lynn´s relationship didn´t last very long. Of course not because the motive to murder Chris Miller was due to her giving gonorrhia to Dunkerton and possibly Archer and Turner. They found out that I knew everything in August 1993. Now its time to bring the rest of the bunch to justice.

    • Charles,

      Where is the actual evidence of this? There IS actual evidence that Lynn Turner killed Glenn Turner. So, please present your actual evidence, not conspiracy theories.

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