Update: Hudson Family murders *William Balfour’s trial has begun; Graphic pictures shown of victims and family members testify*

Darnell Donerson, 57
Jason Hudson, 39
Julian King, 7

Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial: Live Tweets
Hudson Family Murders
Jennifer Hudson, Sister Provide Emotional Testimony At Start Of Family Murder Trial
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Focus Of Hudson Family Murder Trial Shifts To Crime Scene, Forensics
Jury In Hudson Family Murder Trial Shown Photos Of Youngest Victim’s Body
Defendant emotional as images of Jennifer Hudson’s nephew are shown in court
Fourth Day Of Hudson Family Murder Trial To Begin, After Graphic Photo Display
Jennifer Hudson stays out of courtroom during graphic evidence
Hudson family slayings trial turns to suspect’s infidelities
Schmich: Hudson family home stands in a neighborhood of despair
Hudson Family Friend: Balfour Threatened Hudsons At Child’s Birthday Party
News Archive: Hudson Family Murders


Jail ID#: 2009-0012336
Inmate Full Name: BALFOUR, WILLIAM
Date of Birth: 05/10/1981
Race: BK
Gender: M
Height: 507
Weight: 150
Booked Date: 02/23/209
Housing Location: 09-1B1-130
Bail Amount: *NO BOND*
Charges: 720ILCS 5/9-1(a)(1) [First Degree Murder]

8 Responses

  1. I feel so bad for jennifer. I knew this day would come but didnt know when, court that is and have to relive this moment all over again. My heart goes out to her and her family. God bless you all. And i hope justice is served.

  2. This guy is being framed. I feel sorry for him. They have no evidence other than hearsay on this guy. Obvious stool pigeon.

    • No, it is not obvious that he is innocent. Quite the opposite actually. He threatened to kill Julia and her family several times. He was abusive and violent. Oh, and he even CONFESSED to his new girlfriend. But none of that means anything, does it?

      You can feel sorry for a killer if you want. However, my compassion goes to the REAL victims. Julian, Jason and Darnell, and their loved ones as well. The 3 murder victims will never be alive again. They did not deserve this. What could a 7-year-old child do to deserve being murdered. But obviously you don’t care about the victims. Don’t say that you do now, since all you spoke of was the person accused of their murder. Here on my blog, the VICTIMS are the center of attention. Not the accused.

    • He’s being framed, r u kidding me????? They found the little boy in his jeep. And he threatened the family many times. Read the facts before you post.

      • This guy killed all 3 victims and didnt leave any DNA. He broke into the victims house a month before the murders and stole the murder weapon and didn’t get caught. This guy is a ninja. Clearly being framed,but CPD is the cleanest P.D. Lol

      • Check the facts, huh. Do u know both adult victims were decapitated and dismembered? Wow. 1 guy did that all alone? Innocent until proven guilty remember? Ur blog is a joke if u dont go over the facts. Jason Hudson’s gun WAS the murder weapon. Explain that to me. Explain lack of any DNA. So this uneducated thug can chop people up and completely clean away any DNA. Only witnesses is an ex girl and her mom,wow. Totally reliable witnesses huh? Also an 89 yr old man who says he saw him driving victims truck. I’m sure he has great vision. Open your eyes!

      • Brandy it wasn’t his Jeep. It was the victims truck. It was the victims gun that was used. No DNA was found in the truck from suspect.

        • He still took the child reguardless where he was found. If you know so much about how they died etc maybe you did it. My blog is a joke? Hahaha your the joke!!!!!!

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