Monsters Among Us: Jose Garcia convicted of stomping to death 17-month-old Taegen McKinney, sentenced to life in prison

Taegen Elise McKinney

Memory Of Taegen Elise McKinney
Justice for Taegen McKinney
Gone Too Soon: Taegen Elise McKinney
Revisiting Daughter’s Death Hard For Mother Of Taegen Mckinney 17 Mths Old
Alleged baby stomping trial begins
UPDATED: Baby-Stomping Trial Under Way
Accused baby-stomper testifies, saying footprints on child were an accident
Baby stomping trial goes to jury, deliberation to continue on Monday
Jury finds Garcia guilty of stomping baby to death
UPDATED: Man Guilty in Baby-Stomping Death

Jose Garcia

One Response

  1. Ok so he says he jumped over but landed on her? Im no doctor but i dont think that would have killed her. Her hurt very much but not kill her. Nice try. Hope he enjoys getting his azz stomped in jail/prison.

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