Juliette Serenity Geurts murder 7/1/2008 Gering, NE *Why has there been no justice for this innocent child????*

Say NO to Child Abuse

This is a very sad case. No one has been charged with Juliette’s murder. Mind you, there were only 3 adults in the home with the 2 toddler’s that day. Those 3 adults were:
Charye Geurts (Vardeman) – mother of the twins
Dustin Chauncey
Brandon Townsend

It appears to me (my opinion mind you) that no one who can do anything about this case cares. Doug Warner, the County Attorney, just reminds everyone that he has worked on dozens of dead baby cases, but really, right now, that does not matter. What are you doing NOW for Juliette? She is the dead baby that we are concerned about. But, how many other dead babies or children are you also ignoring. You say it takes time, well, it has been 3 YEARS. How much more time do you need? There were only 3 adults in the home that night: the children’s mother, her boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend. I say, hold them ALL responsible. Oh, and is it correct that you decided to take all this time to get evidence and they have all left he state? Unacceptable. Juliette’s family needs justice NOW. How much more time do you need? How are you really going to get more evidence??? This month, April, is Child Abuse Awareness Month. What a great time to show the citizen you serve that you will not condone this happening to children.

There is a petition that anyone can sign to get someone, the County Attorney, Sheriff, Governor, ANYONE to get justice for this innocent child.
Please sign it if you want to see justice done for Juliette. Petition for Justice! Just click on the link and it will take you there to sign. Very easy!

Justice for Juliette
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  1. Ok bonnie, i tried to sign but page came up as “sorry something went wrong, we are looking at the issue” but may i ask how did the baby die? And something isn’t right in this case. Your so right, all three should be charged.

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