• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Boyfriends From Hell: James David Clarke charged with the murder of girlfriend, Amber Chantel Elkins *Update: He was convicted, and sentenced to life in prison*

Amber Chantel Elkins

Search underway for missing mother
Boyfriend arrested for murder of missing mom
Body identified as missing mom; boyfriend charged
Boyfriend charged in missing Humble mom’s murder
Missing Humble woman found in East Montgomery County shot to death
Boyfriend Charged In Case Of Missing Woman
Trial of man accused of killing ex-girlfriend begins
Witness testifies about abusive relationship in murder trial
Man gets life for murdering ex-girlfriend
Amber Elkins Receives Justice — James David Clarke Found “Guilty of First Degree Murder”

The First 48: Missing

INMATE INFORMATION (He is in Montgomery County Jail)

Gender: M
Race: W
DOB: 3/19/1980
Booking Date: 8/12/2011
Booking Time: 09:16pm
HUMBLE, TX 77396
Agency: DA

Warrant: 110808868
Court: D435
Charge: MURDER
Disposition Date: 08/12/2011
Bond Amount: 500000.00

Warrant: 1314980
Charge: MURDER
Disposition Date: 08/12/2011
Bond Amount: 250000.00


Please read my comment policy before commenting. I will not approve any comments that violate it for any reason. Do not talk negatively about the victim in any way or come here to defend the accused. This is to remember the victim, who DID NOT deserve what happened to her. Do not type in ALL CAPS. I won’t even read it. Learn to be respectful of other readers. It is not hard to do.


39 Responses

  1. what was she doing with this SCUM BAG
    I don’t get it
    and then those kids have NO CHANCE

  2. Would like to know if the asshole ever admitted to anything…..when will his actual punishment be?? His sentence…..

  3. viewed a 48 hour program on August 23, 2012, about the murder of Amber Elkins by her boyfriend, James David Clarke. There was not any update of his status on the program but after looking him up on the internet, I read that he did “CONFESS” to shooting her in the back of the head and dumping her body in a duffel bag in Montgomery County, TX. The only other information I found was that his first sentencing was cancelled and another dated for July 18, 2012, which has passed but cannot find any info on it. I hope the scumbag gets the death penalty. Amber was a mother and a beautiful woman that should not have lost her life. He will go to hell for eternity.

  4. The July 18, 2012 date has been moved to Sept 19, but is not for sentencing, the trial hasn’t even begun.

  5. I am her stepfather,and her mother and I still know nothing….No trial date set…he has not confessed to anything..

  6. Was not 48 hours. It was The First 48. Trial is set for Jan 14, 2013.

  7. Amber’s sister is adamant that amber wasn.t dating this piece of shit. Apparently she was helping him out because she felt sorry for him. Amber’s sister quote “She wore her heart on her sleeve and if she had $$ And you needed it, she would give you it” My guess is this piece of crap wanted to be amber’s boyfriend, but just look at what a beautiful young woman she was and the horrible beastly bastard he was, not in the same league, she probably told him no, so he killed her. I hope they seek the death penalty for this pig.

  8. this guy is nothing but a useless waste of meat, and i hope they fry him…coward low life goof that is all he is…taking up precious oxygen the real humans need…just fry him or put a bullet in his head so god can deal with him sooner

  9. Trial is set for Jan 14, 2012 in Montgomery County Texas. Let’s pray that justice is served on this low life scum!

  10. My condolences to Amber’s family and friends.

    I was eliminated as a potential juror today, and after reading this page I understand why anyone who watches “First 48” was also eliminated, because this case was actually covered on that program.

    Previous to this experience, I thought I could never serve on a jury in a murder trial, however after reading about how this guy “bragged” about committing this crime and has so many previous felony convictions, I feel he isn’t capable remorse and is dangerous to society, therefore I would have given him 99 years, the maximum allowed in this case.

    He can’t get the death penalty, because Texas law requires that a murder be committed in the process of committing another crime in order to qualify for capital punishment. If the jury finds him guilty, they will also decide the length of his sentence, which will be 5-99 years.

  11. Who was the anonymous witness on the first 48 that cracked the case open? Did they testify and if so what was the information ? Has he been found guilty and sentenced?

    • There are news stories that say he told an ex-girlfriend and another female friend, which led to the warrant for his arrest. Trial is expected to go on through the rest of this week, possibly until next Monday.

  12. I am a close family member of JD and it is very hard to hear these kind of comments that you people of writing. Yes the situation is very sad for everyone… Of course it is very hard for her family but do not forget he has a MOTHER,BROTHER,SISTER, CHILDREN,NIECES, NEPHEWS that also have access to internet and can read these post. Only got will judge and punish one and we do not have any right to condemm anyone. We are humans and not perfect creatures.

    • However, Carlos, please read the top of my blog. This is a place to remember the victim, Amber Chantel Elkins, not the person accused of killing her. Please have respect for her and her family. My blog focuses on the victim.

      But for the record, every person has a right to make choices and opinions for themselves, whether you agree with them or not. Since you are friends with the accused, you obviously do NOT have an open mind. Nor do you care about the victim and don’t try to say you do. Not once did you even mention Amber. And she is the important one here. Go elsewhere to defend the accused. Not here.

    • “I am a close family member of JD” – that being so, should you not have seen the path that his life was taking? He has quite an extensive record. Being a felon he should not have even had a gun on his person. Fact is fact not opinion. His family should know the truth and not an idealistic version of him. These were his choices.
      He shot Amber Chantel Elkins in the head at very close range. The defense did not call a single witness. A jury of his peers convicted him of this crime. Public record.
      Whether he was high or not does not matter one single iota because Amber has a MOTHER, FATHER, SIBLINGS, NEPHEWS, ETC but most of all she has A BABY GIRL THAT WILL NEVER KNOW HER MOTHER EXCEPT THROUGH STORIES. Ava cannot go to a jail and visit her mother, Ava cannot get letters from her mother, Ava’s mother will not get a chance to come back in 30 years. The situation is not sad for Amber’s family, it is devastating. It is not hard for her family, some days it is literally almost impossible for them to get out of bed, or go to work, or do daily things we all take for granted.
      I am very close to Amber’s family. I knew her as a child before they moved away. Her mother and Ava visited me not long ago. It was so hard to look in that child’s eyes and see her mother.
      You, as an imperfect human, can view her murderer in any light you choose but you do not have the right to express that view here.

    • You sir, are a worthless turd. I hope your relative fries like bacon, for killing that sweet young girl.

    • Hope he does horribly in jail, he deserves worse, your a piece of shit as well for saying anything about that waste of life..

  13. people should not make assumptions without knowing EVERYTHING!!!

  14. Wil you post info about the verdict and sentencing as soon as you find out?

  15. yes you right Amber’s name was not mentioned and i do believe it or not have a heart and my deepest condelences do go for her family. no one should leave this earth without having a chance to live life. But maybe some of these people saying horrible things should stop acting like ANIMALS and act like human beings. And yes like you said everyone has a right and my right it to write these posts.

    • Yes, Carlos, you have the right to your opinions, but here on MY blog, and I have the right to make the rules, not you. You don’t have the right to make posts about the killer. This is to remember Amber, not James. I will not approve any more comments from you that are about poor James and not about Amber. Period. REMEMBER THE VICTIM.

  16. Well today he got life but thats got good enough they should of hung his ass in front if the court house!!! Hes a sick individual and he can try to appeal his case but that will fail and when he comes up for parole in 30 yrs he wil be denied!! He thought he was a gangsta in the streets hes gonna be somebodys punk in prision!! The question left unanswered is why! He said he was high and hallucinating and it was a witch so he killed it!! Bullshit how lame!! His mom wasnt there nobody was there what a lonely life this sorry ass will have!!!

    • Carlos…you being a family member, where were YOU, HIS MOTHER,BROTHER or SISTER there to support him? Because you and they know he was GuILTY! I have had to see and smell what was left of my beautiful daughter…Amber! She can rest in peace now…..and I can rest a little better knowing he is about to get his torture when he gets to prison! 🙂

      • Thank goodness this has come to an end. Whoever the anonymous witness was brought closure to the nation. It was one of the things you hear about but can’t put out of your mind. Thank God for those who step up to the front when justice calls!

      • Mrs.Shani I wanted to reach out and let you know that even today…03-08-18 your sweet daughter is still thought of and missed…I keep you all in my prayers daily

  17. I am so glad and relieved that this scum will never be out of prison to do this to anyone else. He is a horrible person with no concern for the precious baby that was left without a mother. I hope he rots in prison!! She didn’t deserve this, of course, but most of all the baby definitely didn’t deserve what he has done…..not to mention the girls parents who have been left with grief and sadness I cannot even comprehend!! My prayers go out to her family.

  18. The murderer tried selling my Husband n I the gun used in the crime. We reported it, I believe it was right after he committed the crime. Sad situation went to school with him just awful. I’m not saying anything further.

  19. What a selfish , weak individual . His type need to be in prison for his own good. Probably can,t secure food and shelter on his own or any other of life’s basic needs. That’s why these guys are always in jail , not because they’re bad asses.

  20. My hope for Ambers family is that this less then a dog human, is given to the biggest and most fierce convict in the joint, and he is humiliated to the point of wearing women’s garments.
    May this devil die in the most despicable way unimaginable.
    He, along with my daughter’s X-husband could have only been spawned by the anti-christ!

  21. I too was enraged when I read about his bragging and I saw his arrogance on First 48. She was such a beautiful girl. I hope other inmates hear about what he did and he is beaten to death in prison. If they let this piece of crap out on parole I will have to fight off the urge to hunt him down and have a little Dexter session with him.

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