Alfred Calzacorto Sr. murder 10/27/1986 Donora, PA *Son, Brian Calzacorto, still the only person of interest; family refused to help investigation*

Alfred Calzacorto Sr.

The family of Officer Alfred Calzacorto Sr. invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination *133 times*, but yes, that is their right. It just amazes me that a family cared more about protecting themselves rather than justice for their father or husband. In fact, there was a taped interview of Alfred’s sister where she (Alfred’s sister) was told by Mary An Calzacorto (Alfred’s wife) that she knew Brian Calzacorto killed Alfred, but he was her baby so she had to protect him. I guess her husband meant nothing to her, and they were married for 35 years. I wonder how she felt when Brian was arrested and convicted of viciously raping and murdering Laurie Colanino in 1990. How proud she must have been. I wonder if she even realized for even one second that if they had let justice occur for Alfred Sr. that maybe Laurie would still be alive today.

Those who invoked the Fifth (at the Coroner’s Inquest) :
Mary Ann Calzacorto (51 times)
Alfred Calzacorto, Jr.
Leonard Volpi
Kathleen Volpi
Lorraine Fayish
Charles Fayish
Janice Calzacorto

Donora policeman killed by shot to head
Slain officer’s son still missing
So questioned in policeman’s shooting death
Inquest into officer’s death yields few answers
Patrolman’s widow to take stand
Out-of-town Calzacorto family members testify about hidden gun
Calzacorto hearing is postponed
Calzacorto jurors are being picked
Calzacortoson innocent, jurors are told
3 say Calzacorto family hid gun
Calzacorto jury told that gun was hidden
Officer’s slaying still hangs over town
DNA leads to arrest in 1990 rape-slaying
The Price of Silence
Monsters Among Us: Brian Calzacorto convicted of raping and stabbing Laurie Colannino to death

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