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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Wiley Family murders 11/24/1990 Thermopolis, WY *Jamie Wiley pled guilty to the murders; sentenced to life in prison*

Becky Wiley, 34
Jesse Lee Wiley, 13
Willy Lee Brady, 10
Tyrone Wiley, 5

The Silent Witness: Beckie K. Creek Wiley (almost last one)
Find-A-Grave: Becky Wiley
Find-A-Grave: Jessie Lee Wiley
Find_A-Grave: Willy Lee “Willy Wiley” Brady
Find-A-Grave: Tyrone Wiley
Stepson Is Charged in 4 Murders
`Always Nice’ Kid Charged In Quadruple Murder
Teen pleads guilty to killing mom, 3 brothers
Escaped multiple killer is apprehended in Utah

I (Almost) Got Away With It: Got to Murder My Own Family
Lockdown: Newbies (he is featured in the beginning of this)


James Wiley

Offender Name: JAMES M WILEY
Offender ID:19911202010
Date of Birth:05/09/1975
Age: 36
Race: White
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Wyoming Department of Corrections

Scheduled Release Date:


29 Responses

  1. On 11/25/90 James Wiley should have been put to death by the electric chair. No excuse! No tolerence!

    • This happened in Wyoming. They never used an electric chair. What the kid did was horrendous, but you think it’s ok to execute 15 year old kids? Your’re just as sick as he is.

      • I am not a sick individual Duane. Are you one of these bleeding heart liberals? So let’s tell this heartless murderer that we know he really didn’t mean to do it, give him some cookies and milk and make him promise to never do this again and he can come live at your house. After all he didn’t get enough attention at home so he murdered his family…..No’ I say FRY his ass!

      • If kids do adult crimes why not give them adult punishment. He was old enough to pull the trigger, he is old enough to take the punishment

    • It’s against the law to sentence a minor to death. The most they can do is give a life sentence.

  2. I seen this one too. I cant believe watching him talk was like he did the right thing and showed no remorse at all. And yes, he deserves death.

    • I agree with the other two comments…! What a douche! He knew right from wrong, which shows he was far from being insane or crazy as he kept stating. There’s not one single excuse or justification he could think up, make up, or dream up to make it right. I say give him the needle. Too bad they don’t have the gas chamber or electric chair! The needle is too easy compared to the five innocent lives he took…!!!!

    • Omg, I was just thinking the same thing!

  3. I can’t believe this guy James! He does not deserve to live. The people he killed knew they were going to die. James little brother was so trusting and pleeing for his life and James shot his little brother anyways…. It’s the MOST desterbing episode that I’ve seen on “I almost got away with it.” any one who kills their family for any reason, regardless of their age, does not deserve to live! James should be burned alive!!!

  4. Though Jamie showed no sign of remorse; even if he had; he should have been put to death. If you can’t respect/ or take a life, That individual(s) DO NOT IN ANY FORM DESERVE LIFE.

  5. I meant does not in any form

  6. He was only 15….he shouldnt have gotten life. That is so unfair.

    • Fabiola,

      Are you serious? What about the people, his family, that he killed? Was it fair to them? Or his father? It is very sad that you are more concerned about a killer than the victims. Here on my blog, it is the victims that matter. Remember them and their lives.

    • Then what should he have gotten? He was only 15 and not eligible for a death sentence. He should never get out of prison and will have to live with what he’s done every day. You think they should have just let him free to kill again?

    • Yes. He should get the death penalty.. no excuse

    • How would u feel if it had been YOUR family, would u think the same? :/

    • So unfair? anyone who thinks they’re God and has the right to take 3innocent lives(refering to the kids)certainly dererves to meet the REAL God right a way!!

  7. he’s a big douche he makes my friend cry every november because he killed her sister and nephews and i agree he deserves death and it would bring people a peace of mind and he is honestly an ass for murdering them but i miss them dearly

    • She was my friend we were pen pals for 20 years never got to meet her face to face but she was my friend I always miss her😢 shorty

  8. This Riley kid is ignorant and clearly thought is was funny what he did because he actually went outside to grab his brother, lookd him dead in his eye and shot him. Those kids didnt deserve tht. He deserves to rot in jail because having to live with your consequences is better than death penelty. If I was his dad he woulda been murdered.

  9. I just saw this episode and was so bothered by this maniac that I had to look up the case for more info. This maniac murdered innocent people in cold blood. He shows no signs of remorse and is extremely self absorbed. This world would be a much better place if he had just turned the gun around and pulled the trigger. The callous disregard he has for his step-mother and brothers is chilling. God Bless the family who had to live with this evil creature and who are still living with the aftermath of losing those beautiful children and their lovely mother.

  10. I live in Wyoming, just 40 miles from Thermop. I remember the tragedy, it was horrific. Everyone in Wyoming is family, there is a puny amount of people. I rarely even thought of the outcome of the trial, just of the family and the terror so close to home. Still get the shivers. God bless the wild west, but seriously.

  11. I can hardly believe he did that. That quadruple homicide is just crazy. I think I saw this case on YouTube in a murder documentary. I think he escaped from prison at one time, and hid under a moving big rig which took the wrong direction for him, and he had to call his lawyer because he was physically spent. The original case goes way back to 1990. That had not occurred to me until now.

  12. He is less than garbage, of no use to anyone, just another expense on society that we don’t need. Why keep this type breathing and eating and taking up space. Why is he alive? Our country should get rid of this type, they are no good to anybody or for anything. May be useful for fertilizer … Probably not, probably poison the soil.

  13. How about everyone just stfu and be happy this didn’t happen in canada, where he would probably only get 10 years for being underage.

  14. just watching this soulless monster now on ID. Cannot believe after knowing that it shot 3 little children and a woman, that people actually feel sympathy for it!! God help us all!! He should have received the death penalty and he should NEVER leave prison except in a box!! Poor little kids, they did not get justice here on this earth.

  15. Hi i am a wiley plz dont hate

    • This is not about hate – it is about choices Jamie Wiley made. It is about the victims. Are you related to THIS Wiley family? Not all are related. If you are, please relate a story about them. That would be wonderful.

  16. So where he belongs. His public persona was not who he was. He was jealous of his brothers and hated and disrespected his stepmother. He knew exactly what he was doing and why. He wanted daddy all to himself.

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