Parent Gone Wild! Randall White and Bethany Jo Mendenhall (daughter of alleged serial killer Bruce Mendenhall) charged with child abuse of their son, Matthieu

Randall White Bethany Jo Mendenhall

Randall White was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Bethany Mendenhall’s charges appear to have been dropped, although she has had other charges (not related to her child) since this occurred. However, after reading Randall White’s appeal, it does appear that an injustice has been done where Bethany is concerned. She should have had to face the charges, since it appears that she did little to take care of Matthieu. She is not the one that actually hurt the baby either. That is, if the information in the appeal is correct. But Randall White is the one who broke this baby’s leg and hurt Matthieu. He deserves the sentence he received, even if he does not agree (but the Appeals Court did not agree with him). I hope Matthieu is doing well now too.

Daughter of suspected killer facing abuse charge
Mendenhall baby-daddy takes guilty plea
The “People who should be kept from breeding” file: Randall White sentenced
Randall White appeal 2012
STUDENTS EXPERIENCE CSI WORKSHOP (about 2/3 way down – apparently Bethany was planning a career in law enforcement)
Bethany Mendenhall case file

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  1. I understand she didnt hurt the baby but she let someone else. I know the little guy was hurt dont get me wrong but at least he’s alive. I hope that azzhole gets his azz kicked in jail.


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