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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Missing: Zebb Wayne Quinn from Asheville, NC since 1/2/2000 *Missing for 12 years now; foul play suspected*

Zebb Quinn

Missing In Asheville (family blog)
The Charley Project: Zebb Wayne Quinn
The Doe Network: Zebb Wayne Quinn
Zebb Quinn disappearance still unsolved
Missing North Carolina: Zebb Quinn

I’m Missing – Please Find Me: Crime Stoppers: Missing Persons
The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes

Disappeared: Just A Nice Guy


18 Responses

  1. i watched this on disappeared lastnight. fishy…..the girl zebb hung around and her real boyfriend. some track got covered real well. to those who did this–how do you sleep at night.

    • do you know the family or know someone that knows something about Zebb..I am family and want to find out what happened…all comments welcomed

      • Can someone please tell me if the Detective Kevin Taylor in charge of the case is related in any way to Misty Taylor? Thank you.

    • I mean who says “He is the ‘safest’ person in the town? OR “He has no enemies” Why is this constantly remarked in every case. Apparently, they had enemies unknown to them, and apparently no is “the safest”. I mean, this is sad, he is not here, he has passed on and it is apparent who committed this crime. If certain folks were not so naive about human nature, then, this case would have been solved already. All 4 people should be considered “persons of interest” and they wasted time in NOT organizing a thorough search party and the use of a K-9 and to have investigated whomever adopted or had a litter of puppies between Ina’s friends, Wesley,Misty and Jason. They play a significant part into his disappearance. I do believe that Zebb had an enemy the moment he fell for Misty (hence the cruel puppy love–puppy locked in the car across the street from mom in the lot of the Three Little Pigs diner…The witness was pretty right about whom they seen in that car. THAT was Misty (the sketch totally is Misty) Who else… A sad sick case. They will pay and someone will spill it because this connection will dissipate over time.

  2. I watched this as well and live in asheville. And I got to thinking and i may be way off base with this so please forgive me if it is… Zebb worked at walmart on hendo rd…. was last seen on Long Shoals rd… the jason kid worked at Volvo….. which is right behind Lake Julian. like I said, I could be very wrong but If I were family I would try like hell to get divers to check the lake for remains. I hope thats not the case but thats the feeling i have

  3. no doubt the girl and her boyfiend did it just got done watching disappered on this boy 100 percent the boyfreind did it hope the find the some evidence

    • Get this. The car: “Puppy Love” (mostly used by folks born before 1966), The triangle (or inverted exclamation point—3 people invloved). The Lips…(Women involved or women rule). Ina( estranged aunt), Misty , Wesley) boyfriend murdered. All three have involvement. Ina explained this away. They robbed Zeb as well and the condition of his body will explain who committed this crime. These three people are evil people and then they park the car at the Three Little Pigs diner. Come on. This set up is by someone who reads or watches too much dramatic television or mysteries. This took three people to do this crime. The orange-pink lip stick and the hotel card is from the aunt also. These are very ignorant mean spirited people. There is a LOT more to this. Zeb also knows something about Ina and Wesley. A sick set up! Jason definately has something to do with it. Jason sped that car so that he would not be a focus or a link to the case (deliberately)

  4. This is just my opinion ..
    This is an extremely sad case! I fully believe that Misty Taylor & Wesley (her boyfriend) have everything to do with this .. and possibly, the friend, Jason Owens. The lipstick on the back glass seems like a SICK joke from the boyfriend .. like, Kiss Off – She’s Mine .. or something like that. Was a search ever done to determine if Misty owned the same shade of lipstick at the time? I am truly disturbed by this case. I hope that oneday this family can finally have some closure in knowing what happened with their son, brother, grandson, friend, etc .. God Bless each and everyone of you, including the detectives working the case ..

  5. Super sad its now aug2012 & poor sweet guy i still missing! what cowards!! I cant believe those losers havent broke the law since hes been missing! pray 1 does something stupid so the chic can get diarrhea of the mouth 2 get her loser boyfriend out, or wait till the dude cheats on her, then out of anger she`ll rat him out{experienced}..the truth will prevail. they gotta be drug addicts to do something this stupid.not love drugs makes you do some crazy shit out of desperation,anything goes. i know i regret alot of things but thank the lord im alive & it didnt go this rock bottom for me! WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY IS ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP A SECRET BETWEEN BOYFRIEND&GIRLFRIEND, IMAGINE ALL THE EGGSHELLS{walking on}. my thoughts are truly with him & his family, god speed,prayer,hope&faith.

  6. black dog is a trucker thing if a trucker is driving and falls to to sleep when he awakes its to late he has seen the black dog and its to late to change whats about to happen, i do think the wife ex- husband sister should be looked at for paging him, i think she set the trap for his death.

  7. I think Jason Owens lured him away from Wal-Mart on pretense of going to buy a car, probably told him to bring cash too.This would also serve as a means of providing a story about zebs behavior to police to insulate aunt, misty, & misty’ s boyfriend. I think his aunt then paged him into trap where misty’s bf and possibly Jason Owens killed him and likely robbed him. misty & her bf drew on window of car as a big “fu” to Zeb and then left car near where Zeb’s mom and sister would find it as a cruel inside laugh at them. I think Owens later fled police and shot at them because he panicked thinking they were after him for Zeb’s murder. Oops. Aunts ridiculous story about her house being robbed solely to do nothing more than use her phone to page Zeb is a flimsy attempt to divert attention. These are rotten evil people as thick as thieves. Thieves have no honor. put lots of pressure on misty. should have confiscated mistys and aunts lipstick & then picked a color close to color on car window & then lied in interrogation saying it was a match to see if she panicked. Sad case.

  8. I have been thinking about this case ever since I saw it on Disappeared. Today I was looking for info about Zebb and found a psychic reading about his disappearance. The psychic said that Misty’s boyfriend Wesley and Zebb’s co-worker Jason lured him out somewhere near Long Shoals Road. Wesley then pulled a gun on Zebb and forced him out of the car. Zebb was killed and left in a wooded area in an old underground cellar or shelter near the river, which is why his body has never been found. Misty was the person that was driving Zebb’s car and was the one who left it in the restaurant parking lot with the puppy inside. The motel key was to make it look like Zebb was still alive somewhere out there.

  9. It’s quite a rare case indeed if all these people are involved in Zebb’s disappearance e.g. Misty, Misty’s boyfriend and co-worker Jason. Normally one of them would have cracked by now.. it’s been 13 years. And the couple who witnessed a girl driving Zebb’s car and sketch composite matched Misty’s appearance + the partial license plate is certainly not a coincidence. This case seems to be full of coincidences. It seems like all the pieces are there for this case to be solved, but don’t think it’s being investigated thoroughly.

    • I also just watched this episode and was awestruck at the incompetence of the investigation. The detective who said he had no enemies should watch the show and review the part where Zebb inadvertently leaves his grandmother’s number on the phone and says he is in trouble now. He sure was because his “girlfriend” had a violent boyfriend who was looking to do him harm. The aunt is suspicious and was never investigated. Even the fact that the couple who made the composite sketch of the driver of Zebb’s car were never shown a picture of Misty. No wonder there are so many people missing if these are the kind of incompetents investigating. How hard would it be to find the key card hotel? Are there THAT many hotels in the area? Total incompetence.

  10. I want to know if Zebb supposedly hit that other guys truck when he came back from making that telephone call, why did they never talk about wether there was damage to Zebb’s front end when they found it in that parking lot. I think that could show if that guy Jason was lying or not.

  11. For the Quinn family, I really feel for you. I have four daughters, whom I worried for years about things like this happening to them. I remember walking in Walmart right after it happened and seeing the poster of your precious one. My girls and I connected with this young man for some reason. I remember how we used to watch everywhere we went for his sweet face. We have never met any of you, but our hearts and prayers have been with you. The Word of God says to be sure, your sins WILL find you out. Unfortunately, you may never know in this life who did this to you and your loved one, but God does know. He/she/they are getting away with nothing, I assure you. The guilty will pay, whether in this life, or in hell for eternity, they will suffer. However, that does not ease your pain of not knowing. Please know that there are people here that love you and your family. Stay strong.

  12. Hey how come dna samples werent taken from the lipstick on the car?

    • I was wondering the same thing. Maybe they did test it but it had no DNA in it. I hope they swabbed the puppy and the drink containers, too. Also, it seems like no ground search parties are working the area looking for his remains either. I hope they pursue this more aggressively soon.

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