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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Michael Snyder murder 1/11/2002 Albuquerque, NM *Wife, Ellen Snyder, pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter; sentenced to 11 years in prison*

Michael Snyder

Ex-wife arrested in missing man’s murder
Ellen Snyder Shot Husband, Buried His Body in the Backyard with Her Son’s Help
Attorney Reveals Ellen Snyder’s Story
Ellen Snyder pleads guilty
Ellen Snyder Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter Charge
Ellen Snyder sentenced to 11 years for husband’s murder
Wife Gets 11 Years In Husband’s Slaying
Family Stung by Plea Deal in Killing

Snapped: Ellen Snyder
Wikipedia: Snapped Episode Guide
Dateline: The Secret
American Monster: Anything For You



Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 195
Eye Color: GREEN
Hair Color: RED
Complexion: LIGHT
Education: 12
Date of Birth: 06/28/59
Birth State: MO
Last Known City/State: ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Last Name: SNYDER
First Name: ELLEN
Middle Name: CHRISTINE
NMCD#: 73734
Offender#: 444722
Offender Status: INMATE
Facility/Region: NMWCF
Probation/Parole Officer:

Current Offense(s)
TAMPERING W/EVIDENCE (D-202-CR-2010-00832 )
FORGERY (D-202-CR-2005-02808 )

Please remember to read my comment policy before commenting. I will not allow any kind of negative comments about the victim, even if you mean it as a joke. Please be respectful of the victim and his loved ones. I am amazed at how rude and petty people can be about victims and their loved ones, until, of course, it happens to them. But here on my blog, be respectful or don’t comment. Just that easy.


41 Responses

  1. I just watched your story on Dateline, and I am totally shocked that the judicial system doesn’t recognize what happens to a woman when she is abused. Weather it’s physically, mentaly, or emotionally. I would do the time if I had the guts to commit the crime, but now you are stuck forever dealing with all of his shit. Dead or not…I am not religious, but I will pray for you…..tranquility, laugh, and hope…always Hope.

    • your an idiot charlene. HELLO 8 yrs of silence. How can one put your own child through that? Ridiculous! if it was self defense call the police when you shoot someone. she should have gotten a life sentence.

    • You are a dumbass of the Nth degree. There is no excuse for that behavior these days. The resources are numerous. She is a psycho killer. Never ever ever is there an excuse and the fact she made false accusations about his being gay is unforivable. No one has EVER come forward to say that they had a gay relationship. You are just an idiot. I hope you meet a fate so cruel it will be epic and Michael send this to you ASSHOLE! He was MURDERED!!! Fuck you!

    • There is no proof she was abused…just her say so. They found no evidence that she had ever been abused either. She shows up at Mike’s dad’s funeral and all she is interested in is money. That tells me all I need to know. Furthermore, she bought a gun NINE days before shooting him and kept shooting him after he fell to the floor and THEN she involves her minor son. I am shocked that you can even defend her.

  2. Murder just a easy way out.. she knew what she was doing and so does god

  3. Michael says from beyond that you are a lying Psycho murderer.

  4. There is no doubt in my mind she is as guilty as they come. I don’t believe for a millisecond that she was abused by him. I think she is an evil person who has no conscience. I think she planned it out and shot him while he slept. As they intimated in the Dateline episode, I also believe it was all about the money. I’ve worked in a prison for 20 years now, and deal with felons every day of my working life. My training has included many hours of classes and practical exercises in interview and interrogation techniques, analyzing a liar’s formulation of answers, reading body language, expressions and microexpressions. During part one of the two-part episode, I had already decided she was a liar. It will be a great day in my life when I can retire and no longer have to be around people like her. My condolences to Mike’s family and friends. Lastly, I will pray that her poor son, who is also a victim of her maliciousness, will find the strength to move on from this horrific event that will most likely haunt him for the rest of his life.

    • I agree, and she is a very cold person to do that to her child — my prayers go out to that family and most importantly the young man — her son — she destroyed his life — and she is a pathological liar — and saying that the dectective never ever asked her to come to the station — horrible person — and those children so sad for them—she made me sick.

    • She didn’t need the money she had it before him and then made much more after him. No one came forth to say they were his lover doesn’t mean he didn’t have one. Why did his family take so long in looking for him, then when it was reported they didn’t follow up on it. You may work in prisons but what goes on behind closed doors at home is far different than anyone knows. Not saying all families are like that but obviously theirs was. She should have left, or got help, I don’t agree with what she did but I also don’t think she lied about everything. Why no one from his or her family tried to help or see what might have been happening? Didn’t they ever visit seen how their brother was sick? Too many wrongs on all sides.

  5. this sentence is bs if it would have been him shooting her and doing that he would have gotten life. why do women always get off easy they should be held just as accountable as men.

    • The important thing is, That attorney was paid very well to represent SNYDER-CDE BACA, ELLEN CHRISTINE and did great at it. Her request for leniency was rejected as anybody with half sense knew what had occurred. A woman was going to serve 11 years for first degree premeditated murder. Ellen is rotten to the core

      • Yes I agree 1st degree murderer, why not have faith in juries , what did they gain even if a jury didn’t convict on the murder ,she could’ve got a similar sentance for all the fraud crimes , I’m disgusted that prosecutors don’t have faith in “12 people” and a murderer got off with an insulting sentance, have some faith prosecutors

  6. She is a great liar. She loves money. Only money. IMHO There is no doubt that she planned the murder. She got away with first degree murder.

    • When she gets out about 60 yo, she will have to fill out job apps that she is a FELON and probably will not have the great job prospects she once had as a mere FRAUD perp

    • Michael Snyder, we now know that there was no amount of money you could have made while you were healthy or diseased that would have been enough for Ellen $nyder. First there was a fraud charge. That was followed up with reckless spending and hundreds of lies……….then a murder

    • There was absolutely no money.

  7. They should have let a jury have this case. Just listening to this lying whore makes my stomach hurt. Once someone heard her on the stand they would have figured out there nobody was going to push this woman around. She got away with murder and she has to answer to God when it’s all over. I have no doubt that she will rot in hell, right next to her son.

  8. Am so dissapointed!!!! How can this murder can get only 11 years, she is a evil murderer, criminal, she abused her 17 year old son & destroyed his life forever!!!! They should take her daughter away from her & she should be raise by Michael’s family so she don’t turn like her.

  9. F*ckin b*tch will be out in like 7 years, maybe sooner. No justice in this case.

  10. Ellen’s story was full of,holes as it progressed. Police are,lazy and would have it in a file cabinet, had not the family pressed them. Solving crimes cost police depts. Money and speeding traps get the new pool table at the FOP. She got I think 11 yrs which is free education and ESPN

  11. The takeaway from this is that if you long long enough in the state of New Mexico, you can get away with 1st degree murder. In fact every last word of this abuse excuse came from the lips of this killer. Snyder was debilitated with MS so exactly HOW much of a threat could he have been? Put it in front of a jury and let them decide this obvious murderers’ fate.

    Hopefully she will be horribly raped and sodomized in prison and die, painfully, from her injuries. THAT would be justice, not the crap that was handed out in that courtroom by that coward of a prosecutor.

  12. rest in peace mike Snyder. he fucked putting her evil ass in charge of their money. ill never get a joint account with a bitch!

    • David,

      Please remember that here on my blog, do not talk negatively about the victim. My focus is on the victim, and the victim should be remembered in a good way.

      And not to be rude, but if you call women bitches, you will never have a female (or male) partner. Learn respect for others. Yes, Ellen Snyder was evil, but that does not mean that all women are that way. In fact, most are not. I am sure that there are many women think that men are evil. Some are, but most are not.

  13. Sad, sad turn of events. Such disparity in sentencing for murder. I am just now watching the Dateline episode. I see that she seems to be a so cool, calm and collected. I wonder what her first marriage was like? Then to involve her son, that is so unconscionable! I guess that she will be getting out very, very soon. Don’t think that too many men will want to be hubby #3!

  14. This lady is as cold and cruel as they come. She showed no remorse whatsoever. She killed him because he was sick and a burden and she didn’t want to take care of him. I thought my son’s mom was cold hearted for leaving me for another guy when I had cancer, but at least she didn’t kill me and I have my son. Ahh life goes on, but not for Mr. Snyder. May he rest in peace.

  15. ummmm people it’s an hour TV show!!! Impossible to fit every fact and detail in. I’m sure only the facts/opinions that keep people watching the show made the show. So let’s remember this “He without sin cast the first stone”. Now I guess everyone will now tell me to Fuck off and call me an imbecile. Have fun insulting each other.

  16. Again, I am left aghast that this woman got away with murder. There was plenty of tangible material the DA’s office could have used but the prosecuting attorney quite simply did not have the intelligence, and/or skills necessary to solidify this case. There was a preponderance of motive. She had debt in excess of $100,000 dollars and quite evidently a spending addiction. She had plead guilty to embezzlement charges years before she met Mike Snyder. Furthermore, she knew Mike’s medical condition would get worse over time and without Mike’s substantial income she would fall further into debt. She had no inclination, love nor desire to take care of her ailing husband. It has and will always be about what she wants. Ellen is a self-centered, malevolent, egotistical, arrogant, despicable and loathsome individual. She wants everyone to believe that she is a demure mild- mannered woman that was the victim. In reality she is an evil and conniving cold-blood murderer. I find it unconscionable that a mother would ask her own son to help her bury his own father. That in itself demonstrates what a selfish, manipulative and deceitful woman she is. My prayers are with the Snyder family. I believe Ellen shot her husband while he was asleep. In time, I believe she is going to get exactly what she deserves when she is released. I hope the vermin known as Ellen (I won’t even refer to her by the last name of Snyder because she does not deserve to be acknowledged by that last name) reads this post. Her fabricated tears on camera is just another ploy she uses to try and gain sympathy for her criminal actions. I, as so many other people can see right through her chicanery.
    Here is my theory. It is evident that Ellen has a very dominant, manipulative personality who does not like anyone contradicting her. In the interview with 48 hours Josh Mankiewicz she quickly becomes agitated and very vociferous when Josh points out that she collected over $4000 a month in Mike Snyder’s disability for entire year after she murdered him. It clearly does not take much to push her buttons. I believe that Mike Snyder probably confronted her about the excessive spending and she retaliated by unleashing a rampant attack against him.

  17. I do not believe it was first degree murder ,if you remember there was a bullet that was in a speaker in her son’s room. I have to truly believe that a woman with children would not put her kids in a situation to where a bullet would go through a wall could or would have hit either one of the kids.
    if you were going to commit first-degree murder I do not believe you would have your children in the house right across the hall from you.
    With that in mind I could not truly been on the jury and committed her for first-degree murder.
    She is in jail for 11 years. ,we should all be that lucky and hopefully when she gets out she will have a new life and do the best she can with the life she has left.

    • The speaker in question was not in her son’s room. It was in the living room where Mike Snyder slept. They could have proven 1st degree because there was forethought on the killer side. She tried to buy a gun the week before she murdered him, but couldn’t because she was already a convicted felon. So, she made up a story to borrow one from a co-worker. That is planning; premeditated. Also, when you say “that a women wouldn’t put her kids in a situation where a bullet would go through the wall. We’ll I ask you, what kind of women would make her son help dispose of his step father’s dead body? Women of the year, I guess!

  18. I just watched American Monster. Regarding Ellen Snyder. Has she been released yet?

  19. That wicked witch should have gotten life for killing that poor man in Cold-Blood!Well anyway no matter what God will have the last say?

  20. I just saw the show on Dateline tonight! Ellen us a pathological liar! She had a trend of crime before during and after! He was not gay! He did not abuse her! Ellen fooled whomever she could involve in her plans which revolved around only money! The only arguments they had were about her spending habits to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars! What I do not understand is how she got off with just 11 years! I hope her son and daughter really see her for what she is soon before she ruins them too!

    • It was actually a two-hour show. Unfortunately we do not have a chance to cast stones at Evil Ellen but if I could I would. Anyway Jesus was not doing away with stoning as the Law of Moses required that those who took a man’s life should be put to death by men. Murder went back to Cain killing his brother Abel. Unfortunately the statue of limitations on most of the lesser of included crimes and the 8 year delay in prosecution would make it hard to secure a conviction so the DA opted for a plea deal that wouldn’t let her walk away Scot-free.

  21. Fuck that bitch she deserves the death penaly if anybody does

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