Rob Andrew murder 11/20/2001 Oklahoma City, OK *Wife, Brenda Andrew, and her lover, James Pavatt, convicted of his murder; both sentenced to death*

Rob Andrew

Police Talk With Wife Of Slain Ad Executive
Estranged Wife Sought In Andrew Death
Murder victim told cops of plot
Jurors reach verdict in Pavatt trial
Man convicted of killing girlfriend’s husband
Man convicted in murder of lover’s husband
Jurors recommend death for Pavatt
Brenda Andrew: A life
The two sides of Brenda Andrew
Oklahoma woman convicted of murder
Convicted killer Brenda Andrew sentenced to death
Andrew formally sentenced to death
An Ordinary Family, Extraordinary Murder Story
Brenda Andrew – Only Woman in Oklahoma on Death Row
Pavatt’s Daughter Calls Brenda Andrew ‘Evil’
Attorney: Andrew denied a fair trial in murder case
Andrew appeal denied by high court
Pavatt appeal denied
Pavatt v. State (appeal)
Andrew v. State (appeal)

Scorned: Love Kills: Sunday School Killers
Snapped: Brenda Andrew
Wikipedia: Snapped Episode Guide


ODOC# 483397
White Female; 5 ft. 3 in. tall; 110 pounds; Brown hair; Brown eyes;

Body Marks
ABD: SCAR C LOW 4″ c section

CRF# County Offense Conviction Term Term Code Start End

2001-6189 OKLA Conspiracy To Commit Murder In The First Degree 09/22/2004 10Y Incarceration
2001-6189 OKLA Murder In The First Degree

Current Facility Phone# Reception Date Discharge Date Parole Hearing Date

Mabel Bassett Correctional Center, Mcloud (405) 964-3020 09/27/2004 09/9999
Address City State Zip Contact

29501 Kickapoo Road Mcloud OK 74851 Millicent Newton-Embry, Warden


ODOC# 455677
White Male; 5 ft. 9 in. tall; 150 pounds; Brown hair; Green eyes;

Body Marks

James D Pavatt

ODOC#: 455677
Birth Date: 11/10/1953

CRF# County Offense Conviction Term Term Code Start End

2001-6189 OKLA Murder In The First Degree 10/21/2003 DEATH Death 10/27/2003
2001-6189 OKLA Conspiracy To Commit A Felony 10/21/2003 10Y Incarceration

Current Facility Phone# Reception Date Discharge Date Parole Hearing Date

Oklahoma State Penitentiary, Mcalester (918) 423-4700 10/27/2003 09/9999
Address City State Zip Contact

P.O. Box 97 Mcalester OK 74502 Randy Workman, Warden

12 Responses

  1. She’s kind of cute. Rather than sending her to death row, they should just put her in the general male prison population. She’s probably enjoy it up to a point.

  2. Ewww she threw her life away for THAT man, James Pavatt? What a waste! Whatever did she see in him????

  3. she deserves to die – plain and simple. what an evil woman. she had no care for the feelings of her children, her husband’s family. just sex. and teaching Sunday School??? proves she knew better but chose to follow satan. she is a disgusting pig. she was not abused or left on the street. the divorce settlement was good. she is pure evil.

    • This type of love is deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid. I used to work with James Pavatt from 1986 – 1989. What a real piece of work he was then. He was a malipulator then. What really gets me is that he reported himself as being in special forces. He was not or never was involved with Special Forces. He was a loser and really we all hated this piece of shit. I know for a fact he falsified government documents during the time I worked with him, and he got away with it. All I can really say now, is this
      POS (piece of sh@t) is going to get what he deserves. Actually, lethal injection is too good for him.

    • One need not be a Sunday School teacher/churchgoer to know that murder is wrong, so that proves nothing except that she was a hypocrite who clearly didn’t practice what she was preaching, including with the multiple affairs.

      As for her dying, I don’t believe in the death penalty, as I think it’s far too easy and ends up mostly punishing the innocent, i.e. those left alive who still love and care about that person. I imagine that the limited contact they have with them is better than the none that is definitive once that death is carried out. No, I’d much rather that person sit in prison and rot for every second of the rest of their hopefully long natural life; killing them lets them out of that misery far too prematurely.

      • But “until they rot” is expensive and the state doesn’t want to pony up the money as it is. I believe death should probably be only for the uncorrectable, unchangeable offenders. The ones that will kill, rape,injure, molest again and again.

        • Dale,

          So, you think these two, who planned this heinous murder, should be released? Really? Sometimes there just needs to be punishment. What they did is beyond comprehension. They did not care how the children or Rob’s other loved ones would feel. They deserve the punishment they were sentenced to. Hopefully it will be soon. Obviously you have never had a loved one murdered. The loved ones of Rob Andrews have been sentenced to a lifetime of pain and suffering. And you think Brenda and James should just start their lives over and forget it happened. Should not happen. Think of the VICTIM, Rob Andrews and his loved ones. They are the ones that matter.

  4. I’ve been following this story a lot. She is so sick and twisted and I feel very sorry or her kids. Apparently, her children are doing good. Tricity is going to Oklahoma state and her brother, Parker, is in high school. They both have a Facebook and look happy. And of course I feel bad for what happened to their father. Tricity looks JUST like her dad. Thank God! I only wish her and Parker the BEST. I hope they know how much of us are supporting them. Xo

  5. What a sad case. I knew they were dealing with a scumbag, rotten piece of crap when she threatened her daughter to give her more money. I hope they hang her good, let her suffer on that rope.

  6. That they didn’t take his fears seriously sucks. They deserve to be on death row.

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