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  1. When i step back and look at other cases this was over very fast and the guy is in jail and she was found in a lake about five miles from my house .I stand and look at the hole in the ice the flowers that friends have left .And get a sick feeling when i think of her last night here .I see this guys photo all over and i wish i could stuff him in the same hole in the ice that she was taken from .She was so young and full of life .They say a eye for a eye but that is not enough here his best day could not stand with Samantha.s worst .They say we have a god and i ask if so then how can this happen .What is justice he gets three hot meals every day and is sleeping in a warm bed .
    There has been times when i think i am getting old the system we have is not working i could get this guy and serve him some justice .And i will get the free bed and meals and sleep good knowing he is dead .And i ask my self again why .for what reason could any one kill a young women and throw her out like trash .

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