Update: Trayvon Martin murder *George Zimmerman charge with his murder;

Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman charged, hearing expected Thursday
State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman: Affidavit of probable cause
George Zimmerman jailed on second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin shooting
George Zimmerman Charged With 2nd Degree Murder in Trayvon Martin’s Death
Prosecutors: George Zimmerman ‘profiled’ Trayvon Martin
George Zimmerman arraignment set for May 29
George Zimmerman makes brief court appearance
Affidavit alleges George Zimmerman ‘confronted’ Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman in court

7 Responses

  1. GOOD he needs to be charged, why should he be different than anyone else? R.IP. treyvon. My thoughts and.prayers are with the family.

  2. I have another comment to make on this case. I was just watching the news and heard a 911 call and you vould hear trayvon screaming for help, it was soooo sad. They have george pc’ d, just like.casey anthony was. Is this why so many people want to move to FL, because you can get away with murder? In my book he’ s a murder and so is.casey anthony,.found not gulity or not.

  3. this is a sad racist case, poor zimmerman is condemned before he even has a trial, if a black man killed trayvon we would have never heard about it

  4. why dont they stop showing pictures of trayvon as a young boy and show recent pictures of him. this has nothing to do with casey anthony

    • They are showing pics of him as a teen!!!! As for casey? I was making a point. They both want to commit crimes but then hide like little.bitches and be pc’d. Join the rest of the inmates and see how you do? Not.poor zimmerman, he was told
      NOT to follow trayvon and did anyway. What was trayvon gonna go , hurt him with a bag of skittles???? You must think all mrurders are innocent huh?????? Let that be your child and and see how you react. And yes this is a poor racist case, due.to ppl like you defending george. And i am white and defending trayvon all the way.

  5. i dont stick up for killers , but he is innocent til proven guilty, which all you people think he is guilty throw away the key, email the black panthers they will like you, you dont live in the neighborhood that I do white is out numbered. your house is not broken into, white people cant walk down the streets after dark here or they get robbed or beat up.if he shot a white man it would not have been in the news and you know it.

    • Did you not just see the chicopee mass.shootout/standoff, i live less than 2 mins away and my child was walking.to school soooo dont tell me about dangerous shit, cause i live in it.too!!!!!!!!

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