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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Monsters Among Us: Guy Rasmussen convicted of killing 9-year-old Cynthia Allinger, sentenced to LWOP

Cynthia Allinger

Child Missing Near Seattle
Search on for missing 9-year-old girl
Sherif’s Department Believes Girl Abducted; Man Questioned
Body found may be missing girl’s
Man Charged In Girl’s Death — Police Say DNA Links `Person Of Interest’ To Slaying
Man accused of killing girl
Dogs fail to find sign of missing girl, 9
Investigator finds body near McChord
‘Homicidal violence’ caused Cindy’s death
Arrest made in girl’s killing
Not guilty plea in girl’s death
Trial begins in girl’s death
Time of car wash is key in murder trial
Accused’s alibi ‘airtight’, Jurors in Rasmussen murder trial begin deliberations
Rasmussen dodges execution, will get life
State of Washington v. Guy Rasmussen: The Cynthia Allinger case

Nightmare Next Door: Little Girl Lost
Forensic Files: Seedy Intentions
Wikipedia: Forensic Files episode guide


DOC Number: 975865
Offender Name: RASMUSSEN, GUY M
Location: Monroe Corrections Center


63 Responses

  1. I just saw this on Monsters Among us. I was Googling Guy Rasmussen and I found this. Looks to me like the girl’s mother did it and Guy was framed.

    • Well you clearly need to do some more research, CATHIE. Ras is GUILTY! My aunt did not kill her own child. I suggest you look into it more.

      • No crap right? It says she was severely sexually assaulted poor little angel R.I.P. I’m watching the episode nightmare next door right now actually. I googled guy. He looks like the devils spawn.

    • that is a ridiculous statement , then how was guys semen from his cut off shorts- found with the blood mixed in on her dress she was wearing the day she was murdered!!!!!!

    • I agree..I bealive he was framed..As bad as it looks and everything i have read and continue to read ..Everything about this case is just not adding up…There should have been a longer investigation..A more thorough investigation..
      I bealive the blood and other Dna was there ..but not through a murder…Who is the mysterious physic?? This whole case needs to be looked at again…New modern Dna to re_test…Why was the abandoned house never looked at for Dna evidence?? If he was under can he move a body without being seen?? So many people of 4th of July..Drinking and partying…The little girl could have been picked up in someones car…Taken to another place to be murdered and brought back…The time frame given he couldn’t have done it… Yes he looks like a jerk…Yea he smoked pot…Yes he had sex with his girlfriend who was underaged…Because he looked like a hippie..Played in a rock band..and smoked pit dont make him a killer..This poor little girl deserves justice and im sorry…The person that did this horrible viscious act…Is still out there…There was Over 60.! …60+ Child sex felons in that area..Local gang activity…Rasmunseen had a tight Alibi…Dont u think he would have left the area..Not came back after the long concert he went too..He cooperated..Theres so much to read about this case…I just think the person that really did this is out there..,They got Away with Murder…
      May this little girl one day rest in peace…She is the one who saw the eyes of this killer…
      And im sorry i dont think it was Rasmunseen..Stop judging by his appearance…..Yes he is scary looking…But looks dont prove a murder..All i would like to see is justice for this innocent child…who never should have been wandering all Alone on the 4th of july in a Very Bad town of over 60 child molesters…gangs..and people celebrating that day…,This murderer has to one day meet the Big guy upstairs..God have mercy on his soul

      • If the DNA evidence was not from a murder then from what?

      • It’s BELIEVE. Man you almost drove me crazy with your misspellings lol. And what other way would his semen be there if not murder? I agree, seems really strange and get this, the psychic was Rhonda Planks (Mom of cyndi) boyfriends father!!!!!!!!! I point fingers on him… I don’t know why he wasn’t further investigated. This case needs to be reopened to be reinvestigated

    • I agree things do Not add up..I hope people did some research before Assuming the guilt of this man..And making their opinion.. Where was this little girls body for weeks?? It just appears in a place that was searched my hundreds and dogs..Who is the Mystery Psychic?? Why would he walk around and let people see him with the little girl if he had Bad Intentions..Im not a expert..I dont know him..But there is so much more to this i bealive..
      I hope the new DNA can shed some light on this case…
      Again just my opinion

  2. Did a case study on this and this is one of the most messed up cases I’ve ever read the DA was dirty her husband the forensics expert was suspected in planting evidence the DA threw a little girl in jail over the weekend because her statement went against that of the prosecution and when the DCFS reports were finally released against the will of the DA, the manor in which this girl died is the same way her mother and boyfriend punished her previously. They painted this guy as a child molestor when his case was that of a guy who had sex with his underage girlfriend who was not a child.

    • No one “painted” him as a molestor. He IS a molester and is where he belongs.

      • So you are saying you know Guy Rasmussen? I think you are being bias Jennifer. I was involved in almost every part of this trial, as Razz was my room mate bass player and friend at the house in Lakewood. What about the paddle with the kids names written on it that she hid at a friends house after Cynthia’s disappearance, and the re-canted statements of Rhondas boyfriend, who said “Rhonda had punished Cynthia for returning home late on the day in question. Her boyfriend told attornies that after spanking Cynthia with the paddle and sending her to her room, she continued crying. Then he said Rhonda had stuffed panties in her mouth to shut her up. Later she was found not breathing. Rhonda was well known to be a drug attic, I believe it is just as possible that this was an accidental death. I could go on and on….

        • I knew guy from growing up with him. Was there any evidence that that the girl was molested or raped? I mean vaginal tears or anythang like that. Stuff does sound strange in this case about the mother & boyfriend. That would suck if he is INNOCENT :/

          • Yes, there was evidence of sexual assault, and DNA, on his pants (her DNA) and on her. You might read the stories in the links. The info is in there.

          • Im just saying I went to school with Guy Razz, Yeah he got in trouble & all that. But this case is so shady with the mother & boyfriend & I read that the detective ALONE went & found the body? Alone? Why would he do that? I speak to his mother on Facebook on the regular….I’m not saying he is guilty or innocent but there was so many mistakes in this trial. It would suck if Guy has been & will be sitting in there while the real killer is running scott free. But then I think, How could they get some of Guy SEMON on his jeans with her blood. I could see the blood being “PLANTED” but not the “SEMON”…..Either way, its a SAD< SAD, CASE…I have a 9yr old daughter & the thought of this happening to my kid, I would be in jail for killing someone that DID IT, I would see NO LIFE left for me if my baby was taken in this matter or any matter. So, I am deeply saddened for Cindy & her family.

        • You’re a lunatic.

        • Guy Rasmussen was a prime suspect in 3 separate cases where a girl under the age of 13 were sexually assaulted and then murdered. In all 3 cases Guy Rasmussen was the prime suspect, in all 3 cases he was in the area at the time of death and in all 3 cases he failed the polygraph. In the first 2 cases there was not enough evidence to prosecute, however he finally was convicted using evidence of a blood stain on his t-shirt he wore the day she went missing. That blood stain was also mixed with semen that was DNA positive as coming from Guy Rasmussen. Why would there be a blood/semen mixture of his semen and cindy’s blood on his t-shirt??? How could anyone plant that evidence? In addition to that Guy Rasmussen lied about several events including having claimed he had only met Cindy one time, yet in his radio interview transcript that was turned over to police he claimed to have met her several times and each time told her to return home and to let her mother know where she was. ‘each time she would visit to pet the animals I would send her home’. Why would he present 2 different stories, one to a local radio show and a differing story to police when asked if he had ever met or knew Cindy? He also lied about a tore up picture given to him by Cindy which he denied being in possession of yet his fingerprints were found on the torn up page. How is it possible that he only met her one time and be in possession of a drawing made by Cindy? There is about 20 more inconsistencies that surround Guy Rasmussen and I could go ON AND ON… he is one of the worst kind of predators and you are about as sick as he is if you defend this monster that preys on little girls. Pisses me off so bad.

        • Wade, anyone who spells addict… attic?? It does not shock me that you were friends with this monster, lunatic predator killer sicko. You need to me monitored for having been friends with such a person. If you were friends with this man, there is something wrong with you. I would not let this person in my house just on his appearance and they way he presents himself alone. he is a dirtbag

        • Guy Rasmussen was the main suspect in 3 separate cases involving a child under the age of 13 being molested, raped and murdered. In all 3 cases Guy knew the girl. In all 3 cases he was questioned and found to be lying on at least one occasion. In all 3 cases he FAILED a polygraph. In all 3 cases he was in the area at the time of the murder but produced friends as alibies. Is he just unlucky? or is there a pattern surrounding GUY RASMUSSEN? Lets look at the facts. His clothing was found to contain a blood/semen mixture, that was tested and determined to have been dry for the period in which the time it was tested and the approximate time in which it was deposited onto his clothing. This verified that it could not have been ‘planted’. Also, how would detectives or anyone close to Cyndi obtain Guy Rasmussen’s semen? It is a stretch to claim his semen was mixed with her blood and then deposited. Another fact is guys conflicting statements to police and a radio show. He told police he had only met Cyndi one time. Yet during a pre-recording transcript for a radio interview he claimed ‘when Cyndi would come over to play with the animals he and his girlfriend at the time had told her to go home’. He also admitted to giving them a stuffed animal. In addition to all this a torn up picture containing fingerprints from Guy was found in his trash. How could so much evidence exist from just once incident where a girl came over and was told to go home. Did the girl have a drawing ready to give someone she had never met and in return Guy gave them a stuffed rabbit and then told them to go home?? This is extremely unbelievable. In addition to all of his lies, Guy claimed he was not in that field at anytime during the weeks or months surrounding her murder. Yet plant material that can only be found in that field was found on his socks, shoes and clothing. Something he had no explanation for. Wade, I notice you have a hard time spelling, something that I would suspect would come from a friend of this Monster, child predator and child killer, Guy Rasmussen. I find it absolutely sickening that you choose to comfort yourself with these far reaching notes about the case which may or may not be true. One thing is certain, in all your claims about what others have done, abuse, stuffing items into a mouth, etc.. is there evidence that supports what happened to Cyndi. She was not choked to death, she was beaten. She was not spanked, she was rapped and murdered. You parade yourself in comments below how you are a victim yourself. No one gives a crap about you or what you went through. YES you are scum for having Guy as a friend and for defending him as you have. You are sick and need to be monitored. Your comments alone make one believe you have mental issues in addition to your lack of education.

    • You are WRONG! They didn’t paint anything… Rasmussen punched a 8 year old girl in the face as she rode her bicycle passed when she hit the ground and was crying “Razz” felt her up…..This girl was not his “girlfriend” That is the true story!! I was there when police came to our event and wanted to talk to him about Cynthia’s murder….Razz said he had warrants and that he didn’t want to talk to police…..He had NO WARRANTS….he made excuse after excuse after excuse to why he wouldn’t go up and talk to police….I knew the cop that came with the FBI…I looked into Razz’s eyes I talked to him face to face… eye to eye….HE IS GUILTY….He never denied anything…..

  3. Really!!!!!!! The semen eas mixed with her blood!!! In the front of his jeans. come on!!! I dont care about what the mother was like and alll of that. what reason would these little girls have to lie. To throw a child in jail is Disgusting!!!! Look at this guy!!! he has no life in his eyes he is a pig and should pay for what he’s done!!! If he didnt kill and rape this little girl, He’s done it before and would do it again. He is where he belongs!!!!

    • Oh so let’s just ignore the facts and throw people in prison based on past mistakes and for things they have already paid for huh? The City of Tacoma and the shady prosecution was desperate to end this expensive trial. Notice the “So Called” DNA evidence was not found on his clothing till after they discovered Cynthia’s body and had plenty of DNA to plant on his clothing. Further more, There are new laws as a result, that compensate for prosecutors viewing or checking out evidence without the supervision of the defendants own council.. Makes perfect sense to me. Also She was found in an area that had been thoroughly searched. The water heater was photographed next to the abandoned at during the first search of the area. At that point Detective were following Razz 24 hours a day 7 days aweek!!! Tell me how he could have moved that tank by himself while being tailed by detectives…. Give me facts not you jaded self serving opinions, or you have not a leg to stand on here.

      • Wade – You are a clown. If you think the police planted Guy’s semen on little Cynthia’s body, HOW did the police get Guy’s semen to make the plant ? Think about it … then think about how stupid you are.

      • Dude – obviously you have no idea what happens to blood after two weeks of rotting in a field inside a corpse rolled inside a carpet. The body was not recovered for two weeks. Go take a few science and biology courses before you embarrass yourself any further.

      • How in the heck would they be able to plant HIS semen mixed with her blood from her body UNLESS his semen was all ready present ON her body when they found it? They couldn’t search his home before they found her because they didn’t have enough proof/reason to. Stop it.

  4. Anyone who would do this to any of gods gifts to moms&dads around the world deserves noting short of DEATH!!!!!

  5. Since when do adult males have under age girlfriends that are 10 years old??? He is where he belongs!!!

  6. I can’t believe there are people who think he was framed! For one,mlike the other person said, his semen was mixed with her blood on the front of his jeans that he never did wash! Even after moving! That is a sick sick bastard who deserves nothing more than to die. However, her mother should have never left her by herself with friends? I mean c’mon who does that with a 9 yr old? The mom’s boyfriend is insane. The mom is crazy! Yes, she made some bad choices but I don’t think she would let anyone hurt her girls! The mom just needs mental help for dealing with abuse and for not making rational choices. But, RaTmuTTanT needs to be put to death! And, I am one who doesn’t agree with the death penalty! You can see the evil in him! Not only can you see it he PROVED it by terrorizing, hurting, molesting, raping, and killing that poor little girl. He is sick and would have done it again. It is beyond me how ppl can think he was framed. He moved those clothes to a new place for goodness sake. I’m sorry but if your innocent you would notice blood on your clothes and go to the cops. No adult man in their right mind invites little children in his house and using the old school dog thing to lure them. He would have went to parents and asked them if the kids could come if he was innocent! Also, knowing that he had the kids in HIS HOME when he heard the news he would have went straight to the police and told them about the children playing at his home and would have insisted them giving him a polygraph and taking a sample of his DNA! We all have common sense! Please use it! What if this were your child?

    • Absolutely, Dalina.

      Nothing more needs to be said……
      ‘his semen and Cyndi’s blood’ was found on the crutch of his jeans !

      • I’m glad you think we live in a world where you believe our courts and government are infallible. You should take off your rose colored glasses so you can see the facts, just saying..

        • Wade,
          Please remember that this is a place to remember CYNTHIA, not to complain about everything and try to defend your friend. Cynthia was heinously raped and murdered. She is the one to remember and think about here. If that is not something you can do without talking about her killer, then please go elsewhere.

          • I understand that, and don’t mean to make light of this at all, Just a lot of people talking trash about something they may not have all the facts about. I endured this whole thing first hand, and closer up than probably anyone here. Either way, imagine what I went through on both ends, when I had the FBI, Pierce County Detectives, and Pierce County Sheriff’s, searching my attic and property for an innocent little girl that was missing, and assumed dead, and that a friend/ room mate/ band mate was a suspect and eventually tried and convicted. It was a devastating time in my life, and no one should have to go through something like this. Instead of people and media, the community, authorities having any compassion for what me and my family were going through, I was looked down at as a “Monster” simply based on association. So of course I submerged myself in the case and know a lot about it. I was just giving some food for thought, since it seemed more like a Razz bashing page than a remembrance page for poor Cynthia. I have made my point in an intelligent and fact based and respectful manor, and will leave this alone as to not upset anyone like I have been. You can’t, and I hope you or anyone will never have to go through what I, my family/friends, as Cynthia’s family have had to endure. Cynthia and her family were my neighbors, and I do and will always feel for them. It’s real difficult, if not impossible not to feel emotional about this whole thing.

          • Wade,

            You cannot force people to change their opinions and that is what you are trying to do. Personally, I believe he is guilty and he is right where he belongs. When anyone, child or adult, is murdered, I personally believe that everyone needs to cooperate to the best of their ability. No hiding anything. So, complaining having your place searched is not very adult like, especially when justice is needed. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, but that is life. You know, I do understand this. Last year, my ex was arrested at my apartment by the Marshals (I was not there, and there is a post about this in my blog) and they used a battering ram on my front door to get him out. Now, I had nothing to do with this, but that did not matter. And I still have the hole in the door because I can’t afford to fix it and they won’t. But it is life. Sometimes it is unfair.

            But in this case, I believe the right person is in prison. There are others who have said things that enforce it for me.

  7. I just found this page and read what everyone is writing. I just have to say this… Cynthia’s little sister is my best friend. I know their mother very well… trust me, Guy Rasmussen is 100% guilty.

    • Wade I was there too…. Testified at the trial….Yep freaked me out too….this guy had been hanging out with all kinds of my friends even came out to our Jam nights… He was high on Acid….People had fronted him sheets upon sheets just before… I was there and saw him the morning after he did it……I talked to police in detail about this case with facts to back it up…My friends said I was singing for police now…. Not my friends anymore…. Anyone that can say this is just as much a monster as Razz…We are talking about a lil girl not a bag of dope and that is how this circle of people treated this case….My neighbor is the PC cop that secured the scene when the body was found…. I fell a connection to Cynthia to this day I felt her then and I fell her now…. she was an innocent lil girl and Razz took advantage of her and her family….The clothes that had the dna were taken from his apt where he stayed right after the murder…..had the same grass seed as the grass where she was found perfect match to the same grass where she lay….there was plenty of evidence that could not have been planted…. the only reason it took so long for it to come back was TWA flight that crashed and delayed results….He is 100% GUILTY……. No one was framed… believe what you want to believe I know the truth I looked into his eyes and he lied to me he said he had warrants and did not…..Police wanted to just simply ask him if he had seen her….and he kept saying they want me for my warrants….POS HE IS A LIAR A MURDERER Please get a grip I know it is hard to believe but it is true….When they wanted to search your home did they have to get a search warrant or did you let them look?? 49LB LIL GIRL…. You don’t want to know what he did to her…….RIP CYNTHIA… PEACE TO THE FAMILY REALLY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN DEATH but that is just me……I know the whole case….facts…..I’m out…

  8. Well.. little sister at the time… she’s all grown up now. I figured I would fix that so there is no confusion.

  9. This is my cousin.. Happened when I was 4. I’m 21 now.. R.I.P, Cindy.

  10. And yeah, he IS 100% GUILTY!!

  11. I grew up with Guy Rasmussen in our neighborhood, all I know is , years ago when this happend I remember him and my friend in the bushes together at age 15 or so. But hey that was pretty normal. There whole family claims he was framed..I was talkin to his sister today, so I thought I would read up on it. It is wierd that the detective went and got the body without ANY ONE ELSE…I read that in one article, I dont know how true it is. But if he had SEMON & BLOOD on his JEANS, well~~~DNA DOESNT LIE RIGHT???? I dont see any “FRAMING” on a FACT~~HIS DNA MIXED WITH HER BLOOD ON HIS JEANS!! Unless the whole police department FRAMED HIM!! Growing up he was always kinda wierd~~~~

  12. Cynthia was an amazing friend and person, i was shielded as a child by my mother when this happened. and have only recently begun to read the articles of what this monster did to my friend. He wasn’t framed he is a monster who did horrible things to a very very sweet little girl. he didnt care that he was leaving her little sisters alone. I remember seeing the youngest sister at the funeral, she was confused and was wondering where Cyndi was. Cyndi was an amazing sister and would have continued to be one if she would have had the chance to grow up. For years I couldn’t listen to the song “Tears In Heaven” by Eric Clapton without sobbing. Her funeral is one of my strongest memories from childhood, i was only a friend and it tore me up, all I can think about is how this must have tore up her sisters. Cyndi is never forgotten though, she lives on in stories of adventures with one of the kindest people I ever knew. R.I.P. Cyndi, you were loved

  13. After just viewing a documentary on Cyndi, I was left in tears!
    Such a gorgeous child, whose like was tragically cut short.

    Congratulations to the dedication and hard work of local police & FBI in bringing the….hideous, narcisstic, psychotic Guy Rasmussen to justice.

    The loss and heart ache losing Cyndi, is obviously felt most by her Grand- Father & Siblings.

    Love and Prayers Cyndi….R.I.P

    PS: It was interesting to note in the documentary at the lack of emotion from Rhonda. Also the lack of knowledge to where her child played and with who she played with.
    Plus the lack of parental supervision for a 9 year old child.

  14. I might also add that this is, and was a hanus crime against a beautiful child. I too had met Cynthia, the only time I remember seeing her and her sister at my house was when I politely ran them out of my yard, when I walked out one day and found them riding their bikes around my car. I didn’t know who they were at the time. I Just figured they were some neighbor kids, it deeply saddens me that this happened and I feel the pain for her family. I just lost so much faith in our justice system as a result of this trial… Justice is not blind anymore, it is corporate!!!

    • I can hear ya there I was framed by the government in 1997 after this all happened, but I know Razz did it….In my mind and in my heart…There was no injustice her my friend…. Not to say there wasn’t some F’d up people involved after all we are in Tacoma….and it is 1 of the most f’d up cities in the US… I know that our local government is corrupt and can not be trusted…but I know the facts in this case….and most of all I knew Razz…..and confronted him about this he would not talk to me… he hid from me and our staff when we found him he had shaved his face, cut his hair and was trying to flee with out talking to police… I saw him in court I testified against him in court I saw him shaved and in a suit and tie….Still looked as guilty as he did the day they wanted to just question him…. May this lil girl REST IN PEACE…My 9yr old daughter and family including Randy Hansen ate marshmellows around the campfire the day after the murder with Razz…could have been my child… Bastard…

    • You keep mentioning how you knew Guy and he lived with you and played bass and so forth. I suppose it’s easy to understand how embarrassed you are about this so naturally you think it reflects poorly on you (and it does). BUT – None of this has anything to do with the evidence. Try to stay on subject.

      It is common for friends and family members of the accused to rush to the defense of their buddy. That’s why you were not part of the jury. And likewise for the family members of the dead child. Hello McFly!

      We get it – you are personally offended by the system, law enforcement and cops. We also get that you got high with Guy and you lost your bass player and so that means he is innocent. Not the strongest argument but we understand your position which is all about you, your experience and has nothing to do with your friends DNA.

      Your buddy should have not allowed the cops to gain access to his semen so they could plant it all over the place. They probably had a ten year old girl trick him into giving it up right?

      Also, try spell check sometime. It won’t make your argument any stronger but it may help you appear slightly more intelligent than you are.

      I think you and Guy may have smoked just a little too much dope or taken a few too many acid trips to grasp how heavy this situation is. It’s like, wow dude, a little girl got raped and killed and stuff, like, uh you know man?

      It’s not about you Wade. Get a new bass player and move on.

    Please read my comment policy before commenting. I will not approve comments that violate it.
    Also, is it too much trouble for people to remember or even mention the victim, Cynthia? She is the one to remember and think about. She is an innocent victim and did not deserve this or deserve to be forgotten in all of this. REMEMBER THE VICTIM.

    • Raz is a dirty son of a mother fucking pig of a son of a bitch and he deserves to be tortured to the extreme then he’s fucking head needs to get blown off his shoulders with a .50 cal rifle. Watching that documentary made me cry for little Cindy.

  16. To the family and friends of Cynthia,

    I am very sorry for your loss and I know your pain will never be completely gone. I just hope that you know she is watching over each and every one of you with a heart full of love. She knows that one day she will get to be with all of you again and she is patiently waiting for that day. She was a beautiful little girl and it is sad that her life was taken from her before she even really had a chance to live.

    The man that did this is getting his punishment and though it may not seem like enough just remember one day he will have his judgement day and he will be lucky if even hell accepts him in.

    My name is Lisa and I lived at the end of the block from Cynthia’s family. I remember that day vividly and will never forget it. That day has made me very thankful that I still have my children and has made me watch them very closely. My heart and distant hugs go out to all of you.

  17. I’ve always wondered if the cops knew that the mom’s boyfriend, who totally resented her kids, and Rasmussen knew each other from the Java Jive. And that the psychic that led the detective to poor Cyndi’s body had been working for the boyfriend’s family. Cyndi called me and wanted to spent 4th of July with our family because her mom had plans with her boyfriend. That was the usual holiday occurrence. I would have taken her but I was going into labor. I will always love you Cyndi. I did the best I could to protect you. I’m so sorry you suffered and that your family is left with such loss and sadness. Eternal love.

  18. Well if you were ever educated in forensic science you would of learned that her blood and his DNA & semin were found on the crotch area of his shorts as well as grass, weeds in his socks etc that matched the same grass & weeds where her body was found , and he lied about knowing the girl. You can all blame who you want, say what you want , the one true fact beats all of you, & that is >> FORENSIC SCIENCE DOESN’T LIE! << He's guilty as hell and deserves to be where he's at, the worst punishment is yet to come when he faces God someday who I guaranteed will casts his evil ads straight into HELL with all of the rest of the monsters!

  19. Well if you were ever educated in forensic science you would of learned that her blood and his DNA & semin were found on the crotch area of his shorts as well as grass, weeds in his socks etc that matched the same grass & weeds where her body was found , and he lied about knowing the girl. You can all blame who you want, say what you want , the one true fact beats all of you, & that is >> FORENSIC SCIENCE DOESN’T LIE! << He's guilty as hell and deserves to be where he's at, the worst punishment is yet to come when he faces God someday who I guaranteed will casts his evil ass straight into HELL with all of the rest of the monsters!

  20. Guy is guilty!! Why would the same plants found by Cynthia’s body be on his clothes unless he actually did nurser her. And he was last seen with her alive and he’s been to jail before for assault to another little girl and a teenager! Must cause most of you people knew him doesn’t mean he isn’t a monster . She barely got to live her life because of him and that is a monster.

  21. It’s obvious this man is guilty. Look at the evidence , Blood on his shirt.. the same plants on his shoes that were on this young lady’s body. The fact that he had lied about knowing Her. This man is guilty as can be and anyone can say he isn’t but Forensics don’t lie and plus he’s been to jail before for assaulting a 10 year old and a teenager

  22. The mother was no saint either, probably why she failed the polygraph. I think there is more to the story, but I believe this guy, the mother, and the boyfriend were all involved in making this girl’s life a tragic one. Watching the video this mother seems to show no emotion then or in the aftermath of this tragedy.

    Take a look at the allegations in this article.

    Bauschman initially told investigators with the prosecutor’s office that Plank told him she struck Allinger in the face with a 14-inch-long plywood paddle which the mother used to discipline her three daughters. Bauschman claimed Plank said she stuffed cloth in the girl’s mouth to keep her from crying out.

    Allinger’s body was found beneath carpeting near her Lakewood home two weeks after she disappeared July 4, 1996. An autopsy showed she had a broken jaw and a pair of underwear stuffed down her throat. That same autopsy showed vaginal damage but no sperm on her body.

    Prosecutor Wagner said Plank had taken lie detector tests about the girl’s killing, but Wagner contended the test results were invalid.

  23. I was a juror on that trial, I served 9 months with my fellow jurors listening to hours and hours of testimony and relived the final days and hours of this Cynthia’s life. She was an innocent girl drawn into a wicked and very dark man web.

    His lawyers were dark and dirty also, his lead attorney would have blamed his own mother if it would have gotten Guy off. He tried to use very shoddy science to prove false timelines that the prosecution nailed.

    In the end we found him guilty, he did it and from what I have learned since he may have killed two other girls about the same age but they have never found their bodies. I also found out that he was convicted of trying to kill a girl when he was a teen. This guy was a creep, he did the crime and he is doing the time. We tried to give him the death penalty but two withheld…so he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

    There is so much that goes through my mind about this trial, but most of all I spend a lot of time thinking about this little girl, Cynthia, I now have a daughter who just turned 10 and I often think about the girl who will never get to play and learn guitar and sing and dance because of a creepy dark degenerate who for his own perverse satisfaction killed her. Many of his friends were in court, and I can tell you they were as dark and perverse as he was, I know that they hate me and the others who sat on that jury and convicted him, that is fine, we listened to all of the evidence and can to a verdict, THE RIGHT VERDICT…GUILTY!

    Yes, she lived in a messed up home and came from a dysfunctional family, but the evidence never even came close to proving anything other then that Guy was guilty.

    I have never seen this show or any others, I do not need to I was there, I lived it in real life and I still think about Cynthia. During the trial I painted a large ceramic angel that I finished after he was sent away, I placed it on her grave, it was my way of releasing what was pent up inside in a beautiful way.

    I hope and pray that her family has been able to move on from this, I cannot imagine what her has gone through.

  24. It troubles me hearing you as a juror deciding a persons worth by the way they look. What does dark and perverse even mean? Where is ur evidence in condemning his friends? Is this the logic you used when considering the facts for ur verdict? Another bible drone casting dispersions

    • What in the hell are you talking about? She she never said ANYTHING about how he looked or ANYTHING about his friends. Next time, why dont you actually READ someones post before you comment on it. Oh, and I think, in this case, “dark and perverse”, means child raping murderer. Idiot.

  25. Interesting how everyone who suggests he may have been framed cannot spell or communicate a complete thought worth a damn.
    Hope this scum gets what he deserves in prison.

  26. My mom wouldn’t kill her own kid!!! I would fucking KNOW since i am her kid!! And she gas another and we are both alive and she gave us a great life and treated us perfectly!!! Fuck you all for judging my mother and not the piece of shit dirt bag who ACTUALLY IS STILL IN PRISON FOR LIFE FOR DOING THIS.

    • Thank you Brittney, I love you ! I don’t show any emotions I’m supposed to be a drug addict and mentally ill what a joke , I read all this and no one knows anything about me or my kids . how can anyone be so heartless and write such slander about me and my family . the only thing that’s true is that my daughter was murdered and they put the scum in prison . now stop talking about me and my family and let my little angel rest in peace !

  27. The comments here have proven to me that democracy will never work because people are engines of self-delusion. The bigger question is why we are letting sex offenders who prey on children continue to live near anyone but unrapeable animals (snakes, jellyfish, tardigrades).

  28. Every ten years – Can’t we just kill all prisoners convicted of violent crimes. This would be the answer to our crushing debt, over-population and crime all in one swoop!!! Woo hoo! Finally a sane answer to crime and disgusting monsters who prey on children. Someday..someday.

  29. I lived next door to rhonda and her 3 girls . they would come over daily to play with my 2 girls . rhonda was a very good mother . her girls were tooken care of very well
    Cindy was such a beautiful sweet girl
    RIP. Cindy you are loved and will never be forgotten

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