• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Girlfriends From Hell: Amy Lynn Preasmyer had her boyfriend, Ricky Cowles Jr. murdered


Ricky Cowles Jr.

Find-A-Grave: Richard L. “Ricky” Cowles, Jr
Killer Sentenced to Life Plus 10
Three Charged in 1997 Slaying, Police Say Trio Conspired to Kill
Man Gets 2 Years In Murder Case
Woman Convicted In 1997 Slaying of Boyfriend, Defendant Faces Life Behind Bars For Hiring Man To Carry Out Slaying In Lancaster
People v Preasmyer appeal 2010

Dateline: Mean Girls
Deadly Sins: Reckless Abandon (Anger)
Pretty Bad Girls: Mean Teen Mom
Young, Hot & Crooked: Blindsided

William “Billy” Hoffman – convicted; sentenced to life in prison
Amy Lyn Preasmyer – convicted; sentenced to LWOP
Jennifer Kellogg – convicted; sentenced to 17 years in prison
David Ashbury – pled no contest; sentenced to 2 years in prison (accessory)


CDCR#: P57763
Age: 33
Admission Date: 10/2/1999
Current Location: Calipatria


CDCR#: X29459
Age: 31
Admission Date: 03/04/2008
Current Location: Women’s Facility


CDCR#: X29585
Age: 32
Admission Date: 03/18/2008
Current Location: Women’s Facility


87 Responses

  1. I seen this one before and I thought to myself oh my god Amy’s friend had him killed because she was jealous. NEVER did I or would I have thought Amy had a role in it too. Very sad story. My heart goes out to his family and young daughter. Awful crime, and.for what???? No reason in my book. R.I.P.

  2. I take it you knew them? If so im very sorry for what happened. Its an.awful crime. I do believe all of them should have gotten death or LWOP. But with all do respect, not all women are like that.

  3. From what I saw profiled on a show, Amy was a very SPOILED, SELFISH, UNRULY teenager. Where and what were her parents doing during this time??? They sound like they were totally UNPLUGGED OR CARED as a 16 y/o she still needed guideance, dicipline, care, love and a firm hand… sorry for the young man she murdered and her daughter!!

    • Amy’s crazy a## parents blamed Ricky’s family for their daughter finally bring brought to justice. God takes care of everything and if William, the murder, didn’t find Christ in jail, he might not have ever told that Amy and Jennifer were a part of it. Amy’s parents blaming Ricky’s parents for getting Amy locked up is just an illustration of their crazy parenting and why their daughter would think that killing Ricky was a better option than going back home. Furthermore, the mother said she was 17 and in a relationship with her 24-husband when she had Amy so thought that it was ok for her 15 year-old daughter to be in a relationship with a 20-year-old man. At 17, we know that she didn’t have the capacity to raise Amy appropriately. I don’t think Amy’s parents should have joint custody with Ricky’s parents of Amy’s daughter. I shutter to think of the terrible influence they will have on her and since they don’t believe Amy had anything to do with confusing it will be when Amy’s daughter wants to know what happened to her mom and dad and hears two different stories from her grandparents. Amy’s parents deserved the lashing that they received from the Judge at trial and still don’t understand why people blame them for what happened.

      • Amy’s mom didn’t have Amy when she was 17. Amy has an older sister. She was an adult when Amy was born. I went to high school with all of these people. I remember how lenient Amy’s parents were. I recall her mom specifically telling all of us that if we were going to have sex, to remember to use a condom, and that she doesn’t tell her kids NOT to have sex, she tells them to “be safe” about it. See how well that theory worked out for them.
        Amy was a party-er, I would never put any of this past her or her friend. Jennifer’s parents are pretty naive even today. Sad what can happen when the parents just aren’t paying attention. Now I am watching Jennifer’s kids grow up with the same parenting she got (because her parents have custody) frightens me really. Seems the drama gravitates to that family even now .

      • They seem to have a good influence on her. According to one of the documentaries I watched about the case, she’s a wonderful person who unlike her mother cares about other people’s feelings (her grandmother on her mother’s side said that she doesn’t like to disappoint people). They were not good parents to Amy but they do appear to be good grandparents, Ricky’s parents had nothing but good things to say about them as grandparents in the documentary.

        I think it was a good thing that the grandparents decided to share custody especially since it resulted in both of them putting the past behind them for their granddaughter. That poor kid has been through enough thanks to her mother, having two grandparents who have put their differences aside and co-parents her together is better than two who are openly bitter towards each other and always fighting over her.

        Like them, I don’t understand either why people blame them for what happened, they may have been lazy in their parenting but Amy has a mind of her own and is the only one responsible for her actions. She’s the one who decided that Ricky didn’t deserve to live and plotted with Jennifer to murder him, people only have control over their own actions and what kind of person they become.

      • I agree LT! Amy’s parents are abettors and still don’t think the entitled Amy did anything wrong!
        I think they should have lost all visitation rights when their murderous daughter Amy, killed Ricky.
        Plus, they let Amy move in with her bf when she was only 15 or 16 years old!
        As parents, they damn sure are both failures. Never having Amy face any consequences of her bad actions and lifestyle.

      • Oh please. That Ricky guy was only thinking with his d***. Don’t act like he’s an angel. She was way too young for him. This serves as a story of letting young men know the consequences of being stupid.

    • Amy should have gotten what Ricky got

    • Hər parents didn’t seem like the brightest bulbs in the pack

    • I believe your comment was the most accurate. Where were her parents? Her parents took a back seat to raising a child/ teenager. Their comment about “We taught our children about contraceptives” Well did you teach them anything else?????? They are sad, sad, excuses for parents and I can’t believe the Cowels only received temporary custody. Those are two of the most vile individuals I have ever seen. They are horrible parents, role models and if you did the “best you could do” well you didn’t do a damn thing and definitely didn’t do a good job. I think the parents should be in jail too but I guess they will have their day in a higher court one day. I can’t stand even thinking about them. And the Cowells are apparently wonderful people who raised a wonderful son and are taking everything in stride the best they can. Two families did not pay the price in this situation. One family paid the price and another got what they deserved for being hateful, ignorant and indignant.

  4. its weird to see people commenting on my dead best friend,AMY HAS NEVER WROTE RICK AND DEBBIE EXPLAINING WHY SHE NEEDED TO KILL HIM,I NEED TO HEAR THIS FOR CLOSURE…………….

  5. These people killed so matter of factly that they should never see the light of day again. How could they live with themselves day in and day out? You can be critical of her parents and they do seem very detached from this but that doesn’t make a murderer. Theses people have serious mental issues that were only made worse by the life style and friends they kept.
    This young mans parents have suffered beyond belief and will heal with the help of that lovely child.

  6. Such a tragic and shocking story.Still can’t believe such hate and cold heart from these so called human beings.It’s so sad to even think some people would do such harm to others and live a “normal” life years later.My heart goes out to the family of the victim.The creepy crew can burn in hell(jail)!

  7. Finally both Amy & Jennifer are where they must be in jail! Billy ..the most stupid of all, this is not justice but at least someone is gonna pay for rickys murder Im sorry for his family.

  8. Have fun girls in hell where you will live forever

  9. It amazes Me how cruel.people can be It,should be an eye fot an eyw maybe that would deter people from doing such.horrid things to each other

  10. Unfortunatly many people like Amy who always got away with things, don’t care who they hurt or why as long as they get what they want. Her parents obviously never punished her in any way, her behavior was learned. She had always been given what she wanted, so when that was jepordized, she got the ritch girl anger(how dare anyone tell me no! don’t you no who I am). Poor Ricky fell for the wrong girl, he tried to the right thing and got shafted for it. It’s unfortunated that the good people in this world often fall prey to the bad people. Never trust a pretty face and perfect smile. I feel sorry for his poor family, but I hope their grandchild can give them some piece and a little piece of their son back to thier life.

  11. i didnt know ricky or the family not even amy but i think this bitch need to be killed in jail along with jennifer kellogg

  12. Absolutely bizarre. Supposedly there are people who do things for no reason; here are Exhibit A, B, and C. Still hard to believe.

    Why keep them alive at taxpayer expense?

  13. Even though I didn’t know these people personally, I think that it would have been better if Ricky had just had the police esscort her out of his home when she refused to leave. Actually I would have moved, gotten a restraining order. It’s sad that a good man died because of one spoiled bitch, having a tantrum. I wish better times for his family.

  14. I knew these girls… Jennifer Kellogg is a psychopath she should have gotten a life sentence just as well! The thought of her getting out of jail in the near future makes my stomach turn!

    • Yes, Jennifer Kellogg needs to be put to death. A person like that shouldn’t be allowed to live. Definitely shouldn’t be let back out into society.

  15. Ricky says “my next door neighbor” when the paramedics asked who shot him.

    • He doesn’t say “my next door neighbor.” He says, “My neck. My neck hurts.” Wouldn’t wany you on my jury.

  16. NoneYa12, Jennifer Kellogg accepted a plea deal that gave her 17 years in prison. If she hadn’t, then she would have gotten life in prison as well as Amy and William.

    • Hi Karen, I know she accepted plea. I know this case inside and out it was dumb luck. She was the mastermind to this I don’t feel justice was served the plea should not have been offered but that’s typical Jen, letting everyone else be the fall guy/gal for her dirty work. She is like Charlie Manson as far as I am concerned.

  17. They should be sentenced to death for sure this is terrible seen the story on tlc

  18. i honestly don’t understand why we even lock up people like this and deserve to be alive after for what they did. Yes ..i totally agree ..Why keep them alive at taxpayer expense?

    We spend so much money on keeping inmates alive in prison who committed crime, rape, murder, stealing, like Bernie Madoff who stole
    everyone’s invested money . WHY??

    – i think the best way for these inmates would have the HUNGER GAMES in real life .. so it will be the survival of the fittest. Who ever wins will survive less expenses for taxpayers.. this money can go towards a better education for young adults and i suggest put it all in ASPCA..animals are more innocent than humans.

    • Hi Kat I agree with ur comment except for thieves, shit ,YES Kill the rapists the murderers and paedophiles these evil f*cks deserve to die but to kill someone for stealing Nooooooooooo.

    • Why not send these killers to Afghanistan (unarmed) as bait. Easy and Operative way to save taxpayers for footing prisoner free confined habitation.

      • Good idea tacy! Turn them loose in Afghanistan and tell the local Taliban what they done. Let them do with them as they see fit. 🙂

  19. All three of them should be put to death why have taxpayers pay for them,they are just useless human beings using up our air space.

  20. death penalty too good for the a photo of what she decided to do to the guy in her cell. she can look at that for the rest of her miserable life.maybe she will find a way to kill herself god willing

  21. I saw the episode of deadly sins, about Amy lyn Preasemyer… Man i was stunned about how stupid, arrogant, selfcentered, narcist, and plain stupid a person can be. amy deserves what she’s getting, and she has to live with the fact that she killed a human being about nothing!!!!!

    • You don’t actually think this evil and perverted #$%@ has to “live with the fact that she killed a human being for nothing”??? Psychopathic sociopaths don’t feel anything unless it’s for themselves. That’s why she needs to be in prison for the rest of her life. You’re right about your other statement though, she certainly “deserves to be where she is”. She SHOULD be on death row, but i can live with the fact that she isn’t as long as i know she’s never getting out of prison…which she isn’t. Gotta LOVE LWOP.

  22. Lots of love to the family of Ricky!

    The parents of Amy made Amy of what she could do and think!

    They’re insane !

    Amy has mental problems and will never be a normal human being!

    Word from the Netherlands

  23. Just saw this after all these years!! I have a daughter (28) and custody of my neice (15). Girls are very difficult to raise these days, but there is no excuse for Amy’s parents. Obviously they did not parent her the way a girl need’s to be parented. She never had a chance in life because of the lack of parenting. My biggest beef is with parents and their sorry way of parenting. Spoiling a child is worse than physical abuse!! Tough love…..discipline is what kids want and need!!

    • Lack of parenting does not turn a person into a psychopath, there are plenty of people with parents like Amy’s and they didn’t become a murderer and people who grew up in a household with strict parenting and discipline who did. Amy most likely would have turned out the way she did even if her parents had taken parenting seriously because she’s clearly a psychopath. Amy’s parents have their flaws as parents but they are not responsible for her actions. All parents can do is teach their children morals and how to be a stable normal person but they can’t make it happen.

  24. Just watched it now on ID Channel. Madness 😦

  25. William said to the police that he thought killing someone would be glamourous !!!!! madness

  26. Just watched this on ID. My heart goes out to the the family & friends of Ricky. I don’t understand how Amy parents got custody.

  27. For all of you wishing ill on Amy you should be ecstatic reading the following letter, she penned from “the hole.” Yes, she spent a week in the solitary, having been railroaded by a lying inmate.

    You should know that CCWF is at 175% capacity and provides essentially no medical care to the inmates. I pen pal with a friend of Amy’s. You don’t care? Of course you don’t, and that makes you just as “bad” as the inmates. So much for your humanity.

    Read about Amy getting railroaded here:

    For those “tough on crime” types here I hope it’s you or your daughter one day that falls from grace.

    • Randall,

      Did you read my comment policy? Obviously not. The focus here is the victim. It is nice that you are supportive of your friend, but here, the focus is Ricky Cowles, you know, the one who was murdered. He is the victim. Please have compassion for him and his loved ones here. Do not come here to talk about Amy or the other defendants. Here, remember Ricky’s life and the life he lost.

      • It’s easy to dehumanize the guilty, no? Are you proud to have humans brutalized in your name? Do you feel it achieves anything? Does it rehabilitate them?

        Am I taking you out of your comfort zone?

        • There was nothing done in my name. However, I believe that once you are convicted of murder, you should not have any privileges. Let’s see, does Ricky Cowles get any privileges? Does he get to wake up every morning? Does he and his family get to share time together? Does his friends get to visit or talk to him? The answers to these questions are NO. And here, on my blog, the VICTIM is the most important person. I focus on victims. There are plenty of groups that focus on killers and forget that the victim ever lived. You should contact them. And no, you are not taking me out of my comfort zone. That was a weird statement you made.

          • How all prisoners are treated is done in all our names. Do we treat them humanely, or as violently as they treated their victims? I’m a humanist.

            Convicted felons have rights, and privileges are the carrot to encourage good behavior and rehabilitation. The biggest stick is the hole. I wonder how you would feel if a member of family was incarcerated. Suppose it was YOUR daughter that falsely accused and wrongfully segregated in such inhumane conditions? Guilty or not, should people be treated like that?

            One should not forget that it is not just the inmate who is “punished” but the family. What did they do to deserve being exploited by over-priced phone charges to the incarcerated, or being manipulated by prison staff on visits? Being forced to travel hundreds to thousands of miles to visit their loved one?

            I’m sticking to your rules, but I am taking you out of your comfort zone. The vast majority of posts are here are nothing but a self-reinforcing mutual admiration society. Nowhere do you discuss the limits of societal “punishment” and “retribution.” Because of victim rights groups we now have 2.3 million prisoners in this country. In short, we can’t afford it. It is time this country to have some intelligent conversations about the purpose of prisons and incarceration. Should we rehabilitate those that can safely returned to society, or do increase the Gulag Archipelago and fund the prison-industrial complex?

            My condolences for your loss. But we need to examine the true causes of crime and violence, and how we treat prisoners. Most eventually go home, and right now most go home brutalized and traumatized. I know that if I were ever to give an victim impact statement I would ask the defendant “Why?” and publicly ponder if poor upbringing, childhood abuse, mental illness, drugs, lack of education and job opportunities led to the tragedy. I’d explain to judge and the audience that we all reap what we sow, and if the defendant apologizes and sincerely works toward reform I’d feel the criminal justice system was actually achieving something, and be inclined to meet with the defendant and get to know him/her. I think all of you on this blog should read about the restorative justice movement. This article will blow a few tough-on-crime minds:


            In closing, when I hear the “lock ’em up” so called “tough on crime” crowd speak I realize how easy it was for Hitler to find death camp guards. No thanks, count me out.

          • Randall,
            This actually was flagged as spam by WordPress’s spam filter. That is why it did not show up.

            However, no, you are NOT following my comment policy. You are focused on a killer, not the victim. No, you are not taking me out of my comfort zone. But you are violating my comment policy on my blog. I understand prisoner’s rights, but I focus on the rights of the victim’s and their loved ones. Guess who has more rights? Yup, the killers. People care about how they are fed or not fed, what they can and can’t do, etc. Have you ever even thought about Ricky and his family? After all, they are the victims here. And for me and my blog, they are the ones that matter. So understand this, if you cannot comment on your time with Ricky or about how sorry you are about what has happened to him and his family, DO NOT comment again. I will not approve comments that are about the killers and how horrible they have it. Are they buried in the ground forever? The correct answer is no. My blog, my rules. I will not justify them again.

      • If you had someone in your family murded would you be caring as much for the person that murdered them as you do these other excuses for a human being?

        • I HAVE had a family member murdered – 2, in fact. However, I think you meant to reply to Randall rather than to me. He is the one who cares more about a killer than the victim, which is something I abhor and do not tolerate here. The focus here is the victim, who is Ricky Cowles Jr., not those who participated in this murder.

    • They deserve what they get in there no matter how they are treated.

      • Would you say that if it were your son or daughter that was raped in prison?

        How does brutalizing people aid in their rehabilitation? Does it make them better citizens? Does it reduce recidivism?

        • Randall,

          What about the victim of this murder, Ricky Cowles? Not once have you mentioned him. My blog is focused on the victim, not one of his killers. My blog is not about prison reform, so post on that where it is on-topic. It is NOT here. Any more comments by you MUST be about Ricky alone. Please read my comment policy. And have respect for Ricky and his loved ones.

        • It’s really simple…don’t go to prison…don’t get railroaded. It’s not rocket science. Karma is a bitch Huhh,…I have zero sympathy for Amy…zero.

    • Committing murder goes beyond falling from grace, you act like it’s a minor mistake and crime…it’s not. I can’t believe that you blamed victim rights groups in another post for there being 2.3 million prisoners in this country. What do you expect the consequences for convicted murderers to be? a slap on the wrist, told that they are bad boy or girl and to not do it again? The prisoners that are guilty of what they are accused of are responsible for where they ended up. All victim rights groups do is fight for the rights of victims who can’t defend themselves and whose basically serving a life sentence for their murderers actions, they don’t get a second chance like many murderers do. The prisoners in this Country have it pretty damn good, in fact they have more rights than their victims. If I had my way the only convicted murderers who would have human and civil rights are the ones where there’s a possibility that they were falsely accused. The one where there is no doubt that they are guilty would have their rights taken from them when convicted. The day I care about their rights is the day when their victim(s) rise from their grave(s).

      Hopefully you never have to go through the pain of losing a child or another loved one to murder, but if it happens you will no doubt realize why many wish ill on murderers and are “tough on crime” types. It’s not a crime that is easily forgivable and one that the loved ones of the murder victims will never completely heal from.

    • The people that give a shit are non existent

  28. Good that these horrible people are locked away, feel terrible for Ricky`s family, just watched it on Dateline on OWN, it is January 2014, is Kaylee away from Amy`s parents?!?!? I really hope that she grows upto be more like Ricky, less like Amy…

  29. It’s too bad that Amy and Jennifer had 7 years to enjoy living their lives, have babies and act like they didn’t have a care in the world before they finally had to pay for what they did. It just doesn’t seem right that Jennifer only gets 17 yrs. I think she should have gotten life. Why did Billy take so long??? Didn’t it bother him that they were whooping it up living their lives while he was locked up for life??? What the hell took him so long???? My heart goes out to Ricky’s family. If Amy or Jennifer get “brutalized” or “dehumanized” while serving there sentence, they deserve it plus more in m y eyes. Did Ricky ask to get murdered?? I think not. My heart goes out to his family, m ay he rest in peace, and god bless his daughter.

  30. My previous post magically disappeared. I’ll take that as a victory. If you censor you concede the battlefield.

    • Randall,

      I have not removed any comments. If it was not approved, read my comment policy to see if you violated it in any way.

      • Why wasn’t it approved?

      • @mylifeofcrime… why respond to Randall in any way. If he wants to vent about prisoner’s rights & disregard the victim; you should have removed his comments because it did violate your blog. People like
        Randall.. love getting people stirred up by reflecting on the opposite of what others are sharing. …I always ignore stupid people. Unless, someone is murdered in his own family…he will never sympathize with the victims family. If someone in his family is ever murdered (and i hope not, just giving an example) I wonder if he would be just as passionate about the treatment of his family members killer in jail as opposed to the death of his family member…. **Hope he never experience this & has to walk in the shoes of the victim’s family….

  31. Not only was Ricky the victim, but so was Kaylee. Does anyone know how she’s doing now?

  32. Amy is a little evil beatch

  33. Just becausevyou are spoiled does NOT give someone a reason.She killed her bofriend not her parents! How do you know that her parents did not love and care for her and do what they could, but what they did was not enough? Let her stinking ass rot in jail

  34. I went to school with Amy and knew her friends. Her neighbor Sara lived across the street from me and I would watch the crew run in and out of Sara’s parents house always looking to have a good time. I remember Ricky was at the house often and seemed like a very nice guy. I knew Amy and she knew me. She always disliked me just because I smiled a lot and seemed happy. Amy, would just not like people just because of jealousy. I stayed very far away from the group of people and knew they were into some shaddy things. Sara was a beauty queen and had a lot going for herself, I was surprised to see her surround herself around the wrong crowds. My heart goes out to Ricky and his family. Yes, Amy is beautiful girl but she grew up were everything was handed to her. Her mom was involved with everything with Amy and Amy could never do any wrong. She was a spoiled brat. This is what happens when parents enable this kind of behavior. That little girl is now a teenager and will forever live with the consequences of her mothers actions. I wish all the best for Amy’s daughter and the victims families. My prayers are with you.

  35. Just watch this story…sick.

  36. Very sad story. My heart breaks for poor Ricky and the awful death he suffered, and to his family and friends. I’ve watched all the documentaries on this story and they always go on about how terrible Amy was, how she was spoiled by her parents, etc. (don’t get me wrong- I agree with all of those things). But they never say much about Jennifer, about how she was raised, etc. I’m very curious about her, as people say she was even worse than Amy, which is saying a lot. I’m really curious if her parents were just as bad as Amy’s as I know her older brother, Brian Kellogg, is a feared criminal throughout the Antelope Valley and is even suspected to be the real killer of Palmdale teen Michelle O’Keefe. I’m surprised these documentaries don’t question them as well as they raised not one but two killers. From what it sounds like, Jennifer is seems to be serving her time quietly, at least unlike Amy, who causes trouble in prison, gets thrown in solitary and writes articles complaining about it. (Then again, if I got a sweetheart deal like Jennifer I probably wouldn’t be complaining either.) Apparently when they were arrested, Amy was living a good life with her daughter in Lancaster and planning a wedding. What was Jennifer’s life like at that point? She had two children from what I read- where are they? Where is their father? Just curious since we only seem to hear about Amy’s upbringing and psychological issues, never Jennifer’s, and she sounds pretty complex.

  37. Worthless pieces of rat feces

  38. Weman of america are stupid anyway they have some shitty attitudes and yes all weman are that way my first ex wanted me dead but im not scared of a guy with a gun and i was trained to watch my surroundings so i excaped unscaved kicked my ex out of the house we were renting so i vowed never to mess with a wite woman again. Sorry americans lets money get in theyer heads and makes them feel like theyre goddesses … Makes them think of hair brianed ideas.

    • Saying that all “wemen” (I assume you mean women – females) are stupid is like saying all men are irresponsible. You should not make such a blanket statement to cover an entire group of people. I, for one, am NOT stupid and do not have a shitty attitude. I would never want my ex-husband, boyfriend, whatever, killed even after a break up. Just because you have had some bad experiences does not mean you are an expert at all. You will never mess with a “wite” woman? Do you mean white as in Caucasian? You have the right to your opinions and feelings. However, to be taken seriously, you need to learn English and spelling. Please. Yes, I am a bit of a goddess, all women are! But in my home, I am the Queen. Yes, my boyfriend treats me as such, too. He treats me with love and respect and is there for me. And yes, I treat him with love and respect as well.

      I hope one day you do find happiness. It will change your life. 🙂

  39. Why life when she was only 16 years old though?

  40. Tragedy 😔

  41. Travis…Preasemyer….and Kellogg should have read Proverbs Chapters 5, 6, &, 7 and this may have touched their spirit and save them from such a dramatic fate. They took the bate Satan offered them and sub come to his tricks/wiles (Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 10-17). To read and understand the aforementioned would take no more than 12 minutes verses LWOP or 17+ years in prison. All three should have made WISDOM their sister as stated in Proverbs Chapter one. I pray that all who reads this message will stand firm against the devil and seek the kingdom of God. Like anyone, I struggle with sin (Roman Chapter 7 verses 15-29) just like anyone else. Now, I understand why!!! BEWARE!!!

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